Monday, August 20, 2007

Colour of the Sea

Hey friends... with the Hungry Ghost Festival going on now, did you see, hear or feel anything so far? Call me 'lucky' or 'unlucky', I've already encountered something in my room at around 4.30am yesterday.

T_____T Damn sueh I tell you.

Ok, let's talk about something else instead.

When I was young, I had always, always ♥ colouring. However, my mum always scold me whenever she sees me painting the sea. It happens so naturally that I, besides using blue to colour the sea, I'll add a little hint of grey as well. =_='''

Can't blame me though. The only beach that I went to when I was young is only Port Dickson.

See!!! It's grey isn't it?

I will only trust my eyes. When I see it grey, I'll paint the sea grey.

And during my short trip to Pulau Ketam last year with my friends, I'm even more convinced that the sea is grey!!!

In fact, it's pure grey ok!

So disappointed with sea and beaches at the west side of peninsular Malaysia.

Then, on another trip with friends to Langkawi, at least I'm pretty much convinced that the sea is in blue, light blue.

Very beautiful beach they have there in light blue. The sand? Brown.

But I don't really give a damn about the beaches there because what I love about Langkawi is their scenery. Damn beautiful ler! Love the eagles there!!!

Finally in this year, I get to see the real colour of the sea - in Redang.

The sea that makes you wanna jump in immediately to swim.

This is sapphire blue ok!!! And the sand? White!!!

Mum, I can finally paint the sea blue now! Wahahahaha....

I know I'm crapping because I'm dead bored now and I don't want to face the book T_T
Do your part to keep our sea and beaches clean by not littering. If you wish to do more, then you can actually follow what Daniel did in Redang. He dived into the sea to pick up the rubbish and plastic bottles.

(MFai and Jordan, with your 'octopus' style, I believe you both can pick up more rubbish right? Hahahaha)

I don't understand why people are still so uncivilized now!!! Why must you litter into the sea??? Sigh... those bastards.
Well, I can't say much since my friend left his cap into the sea as well Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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