Monday, August 06, 2007

Between Dreams and Reality

Lately most of the conversations that revolves around me was about our majors and also our future career. I know it's a bit too early to worry about our future career now and should actually focus on our studies first instead.

However, as we talk about it, I realized that some of my friends are majoring in something but their ultimate dream job is something else instead =_=''' Life is not perfect after all.

So here, I want you to tell me what you wish to work as in future or, what is your ultimate dream job. And in reality, what is the job that awaits you in the future. Need not to be shy or anything since this is just for fun. Let people know you better!

Hahahaha.... As usual, I'll start with mine.

Unachievable dream job
It's pretty embarrassing to say but if possible, I wanted to work in the entertainment industry where I hope to do some directing stuffs such as filming some advertisement or a movie. Nothing beats the feelings where thousands and millions of people are enjoying your piece of artwork =)
I adore Yasmin Ahmad.

Actually, getting involved in stage play is something that interest me as well. Damn, guess I got myself involved in too many plays back in secondary school =_=''' Teng, remember our critically acclaimed drama that until now, our friends still remember about it? Paiseh man...
And yes, how much effort I put in a play depends largely on the casts and the storyline =P (my worst ever is definitely that Leadership camp's drama! Don't blardy ask me about that again)

Achievable dream job but unpredictable
Hopefully *keeping my fingers crossed* I am able to be a successful businesswoman and own a company (with friends) where people in the that field know who Wong Wan Yian is! Wahahahaha.... nice dream right? That's why it's called a dream! I said before, business is what I like and I really hope to achieve something from this field and proves to people that females are capable too.
Nice dream.

But sadly in reality, job that awaits me in future is...
a tough and low paying job that not many girls will be doing. Worse of all, I'm at risk of not being employed! <- very serious! Hahahaha... I guess nothing comes easy if you don't work hard. Moreover, I have responsibilities to support my younger brother after I graduate! Got to eat flour already by then... So I'll just go on with my choice and working hard is what I have to to achieve my dreams above, which I really doubt I can do it T_T I don't like boring office job though...

Do comment as long as you like. I will and always read the comment section and I won't delete your comment(s) for being too long =) But you must be honest like what I did la!

I'll delete this entry if there's no comment at all =_=''' Damn sad that many people read but they don't comment over here but in MSN or college pula.
*sigh* All those lazy fellas...

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