Sunday, July 01, 2007


There is only 1 person in this world who can brighten up my dull day. When I'm not in the mood or having a bad day, he never fails to put a smile back on my face.

Who is he?

Those who are close to me and understand me very well should know!
He is......

My Darling.
My 1 and only true love.

I set this as the wallpaper in my laptop, computer in my office and also my msn display picture. And seriously, when I look at him, I'll smile to myself. It just makes me very happy =)

Am I gila or what?

I was staring at my office computer's wallpaper 1 day and I smiled to myself. My colleague saw that and was so freaked out =____='''

What? He's my darling ok!


He's sticking out his cute little tongue some more! =P

His fingers are so tiny and cute. Look at his cheek!!!

Sei lor. Something is wrong with me.

I think it's a he right? He or she also my darling lar! Don't give a damn =P

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