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*Memories in Redang Island*

Here's the most anticipated and long awaited entry since 3 months ago. Probably some of you might think what's the point of blogging about this old trip of mine since it's already like, 3 months ago? And some of us even look different now (particularly our hairstyle!).

But promise is a promise.
I've promised my friends, so blog I must.

Day 1
For this trip to Redang, we took a night bus over because we are poor student due to the expensive Air Asia tickets and we thought since there are a total of 12 of us, taking a night bus wouldn't be a bad idea after all.

So our gathering place is at the Putra bus station located opposite the PWTC and The Mall shopping mall. Since Daniel, SimWei and I lived in PJ, the 3 of us decided to carpool and I have to pick up Daniel along the way.

Ok, so I brought a hand carry luggage bag and a backpack for this trip. I had already exclude many things for this trip because I know that we have to carry our luggage here and there to switch buses and ferries. BUT... can you imagine what Daniel brought for this 3 days 3 nights trip?

A backpack =_='''

That's even smaller than my backpack ok!!!

So angry la. He caused me to look like those siu che going for trip where every single things also needs to bring. Actually what I brought the most is mineral water because I do drink lots of water.

Same goes to Ken (Daniel's cousin brother). These 2 jokers only brought a backpack each. In fact, all the guys only brought a bag!!! Only the girls carries a luggage bag and a backpack. Are you curious and wonder whether the guys had brought enough clothes to change since we are going to swim most of the time?

Easy. After wearing each shirt/pant, u dry it and the wear it again the next day. Oh, so 'clean' right? Hahahaha...

Eelian damn yau yeng also. She brought 3 cameras!!! Read that! It's 3, which is a normal cam, lomo cam and a underwater cam. And that I announce, she's the camerawoman for the trip *clap* *clap*

We at the Putra Bus Station.

First row -> Ee Lian and May Yoong.

Second row -> Yung Hui and Me in specs =(
Third row -> Daniel and Ken.

Forth row -> SimWei and Anna.

Fifth row -> Phan and Chong.

Sixth row -> Timmy and Sim.

For half of the journey, MYoong, YHui, Ken (was forced into the conversation) and I kept talking about relationship and the guys we admired. Wahahaha... Can u imagine how Ken suffers?

Throughout the journey, only Phan and I didn't sleep. So, I switched place with Chong so that I have somebody to chat with me. Well, while sitting at Chong's place, I kept disturbing Timmy and Sim (who were seated behind) because I needed people to chat and to entertain me in the middle of the night XD

I seriously thought Sim was going to kill me for being so annoying =_= He was so sleepy that night but I kept giggling and disturbing him from his sleep.

To make things more syiok/interesting, we talked about ghost stories and also bus accidents <- very choiii I know but what to do, I need entertainment.

We at 1 of the rest area. Well, just in case u saw any shadow behind, please don't let me know ok?

Coincidently that night there's another bus of youngsters heading to Redang as well. So, we often bump into each other at those rest areas. Heck, no leng chais la =/

Day 2
After 10 hours of sitting in the bus (can you imagine? 10 freaking hours ok!!! It's all because of the bus driver kept going to the toilet pee, pangsai or what ever he did along the journey), finally we arrived at Kuala Terengganu.

This is not our hotel la.
This is the agency for our trip. As you can read, we stayed at the Redang Bay Resort.

It was my first time stepping into the East side of Peninsular Malaysia. Moreover, Terengganu is a very very strict and conservative state ok! I was so worried that the authorities will prosecute me for wearing a tight fitting jeans.

Maybe because I did not sleep at all that night causes my brain to think a lot of rubbish.

Our bus stopped us at the Terengganu Bus Terminal and we have to switch over to another bus. It takes us around 15 minutes before we arrive at the Chinatown Street.

Another bus that we took. This 1 is pretty old compared to the first bus though.


Chinatown street.

Because we reached our destination pretty early, we were given 1 hour to loiter around the Chinatown street. But what can we see at 7am???

So we go makan breakfast instead.

The only kopitiam that opens at 7am.

Our gang too big la. We got to squeeze ourselves at the corner because the shop is quite small =X

Do you know that Terengganu state sells a type of bread called xiao mian bao (small bread in English) but the bread aren't small at all =.=''' I guess the people there do have some sense of humour.

I think that bread is famous/their specialty over there because almost every coffee shop in Terengganu sells that bread. It's just some normal bread with thick margarine and kaya. You can get them in Selangor as well, only with different type of bread =)

Most All of the buildings here are very old and dilapidated.

The entrance of the Terengganu's Chinatown.

Once we are full, have plenty of time to waste and first time in Terengganu, what can we do?
Take photos lor. We took many photos actually but I ain't gonna put all up because it's going to suck up all your bandwidth. Faster thank me XD

The Girls. Hahaha...look at our sleepy faces =P (LOOK! I'm the tallest girl there XP Let me be happy for 5 minutes la atleast)

The Guys. I don't know why the guys stood opposite the road and not with us +_+

After 1 freaking hour, our bus returns to pick us up and when we thought we are finally heading to the jetty, hell wrong!

The bus driver brought us "touring" around the same place over and over again and don't ask me why. He probably thought we didn't notice that we were turning around the same place again and again. And that wasted another half an hour.

After that half an hour tour around Chinatown, we spent another 1 hour journey to the jetty. It's terrible I tell you. For most of the trip, we do nothing but to sit in the bus. We sat almost 12 hours in bus from KL to Terengganu jetty ok!

I tell you, next time if we go to Redang again, die die also must take Air Asia. I don't care!!!

After that 12 hours in the bus, I felt that my butt also bigger d T____T

The jetty in Terengganu is so beautiful.

So much better than...

Our Port Klang la. Malaysia Boleh!!!

This is our Shamimi 2 boat =) What a name right? Shamimi =_='''

Take pic lor while waiting =P

We, leaving the jetty after spending 25 minutes waiting.

We in the boat.

The sea was choppy that day and so, we had a very interesting ride all the way to Redang. All of us are so strong because none of us encounter any seasick.

Ok, I take back my words.

These 2 fellas weren't feeling well all the way to Redang Island =.= Malu la!!!

The jetty from far.

When we arrived the island, all of us were amazed how beautiful and clean the water is. We just thought of jumping straight into the sea to swim immediately.

Redang Island.

However, upon arrival, we were given an obstacle to overcome.

The boat that we took stopped us pretty far away from the shore. So what can we do with our luggages and jeans? The boatmen took care of our luggages and we got to fold up our jeans, took off our shoes and jump down from the boat =_='''

Sounds fun yea?

You wouldn't think so when you are carrying a heavy backpack and you are forced to fold up your jeans like aunty from market in front of Redang handsome hunks. What to do?

Takkan I ask them to use tractor to "unload" me right?

Speaking of which, do you know how to transfer our luggages from the boat to our hotel? Yea, by using the tractor =_=''' And that tractor is for construction use. Imagine how dirty it is. And when I saw it, I laughed (I don't know why) and said to I forgot who, "they think our luggages are rubbish is it???"

After checking in to our hotel, of course we must take photo of us in front of our hotel 1 right?
So here it is....

Us in front of our Laguna Hotel.

Oopss... I was wrong. I mean, Laguna is suppose to be the hotel where we stay ok. Just that we booked a bit late and it was fully booked. So, from a 5 star hotel, we were dropped to...

a 3 star hotel, Redang Bay Resort =| Damn big difference right?

But Phan loves it la.
Phan, to be honest, u looked very gay over there la...

The 12 of us booked 3 rooms, with 4 fellas in each room. The first room has SimWei, Eelian, Anna and Daniel (lucky guy!) while our room comprises of May Yoong, Yung Hui, Ken (how unlucky we are. Hahahaha...Jkjk) and me myself. Finally, the last room is the remaining 4 guys la, Timmy, Sim, Phan and Chong.

We quickly changed into our t-shirt and shorts and walked around the place to take photos because we have 1 and the half hour to spend before our lunch.

We need to keep ourselves protected from the sunlight with Sunplay sunblock ;) SPF 130 ok!! Don't play play. It not only keeps you from darkening but it has whitening effect too. Obviously I add 1 la the last part =P

I realized that I forgot to apply sunblock on my hand. So, I 'tax' a bit from the guys' side (my sunblock was left in the room).

A bunch of posers!!!
I admit la, I ask them to pose like that 1 =D Nice or not? Nice or not???

If not nice, the problem must have come from the models. Wahhhh... I'm going to kena whack by ppl liao.

The girls.

Oh I forgot to warn the girls 1 thing. If you so happens to be as vain as me straighten your hair before heading to the beach like me, I tell you, better don't. My hair was straight and all before I took the speed boat over to Redang. After that?

It curls back!!!


I remembered asking the saloon lady whether it is ok for me to swim in the sea after straightening my hair and she confidently said CAN. Now what happens? It got worse after my first snorkeling session ok. So tell me, what's the point of me straightening my hair before the trip? Of course to look good in the photos right?

I almost wanted to sue that lady for breach of warranty ok!!! (What? I should use what I learnt in law right?) However, I went back to the saloon after the trip and she straighten back for me without any charges. Don't think I untung. Imagine my hair got to go through the torture twice in 3 weeks. I should have asked for a free hair treatment too =P

Oh sorry, back to the Redang trip.

I just love Redang very much. No regrets coming over here. By just looking at the leng chais beautiful sea, it erases all the worries of life away.

While the guys went to the first floor to check out the ping pong tables, we girls went to take photo =D

People, welcome to Redang Bay and try to spot where YHui is.

He's the first guy that came back to join us.

Followed by Daniel.

Don't worry, this is just part of Daniel's "My Bollywood Moment" MV.

Nice spot. Under shade.

All puteri lilin la. We purpose stand under the coconut tree for shades.

This is my favourite photo of all!!! Can u see how we formed a 'circle'?

The guys all look cool here =)

I like this photo too~

Finally, it's lunch time!!! We were all sooooo hungry and was expecting good food for lunch. Our lunch was at the canteen hall. Meaning, all the people who stayed in Redang Bay will eat together at the same time and there'll be a cardboard with names on the tables.

Sounds like kindergarten school right? =_='''

The guys were so hungry that they just eat what's in front of them.

The most disappointing thing in Redang is definitely their food especially the fish! It's super tough and the food is either tasteless or way too salty. Hey, I thought we get to eat fresh fishes from the sea everyday? How come the fishes taste like they are 100 days old?

The funniest part about every meal that we had is when I always pass over some rice over to Ken. It wasn't my fault because the girls always get too much rice for me and I can't finish them (it's a sin for wasting food). I thought Ken might be able to finish it so I pass it over to him.

And he is either unable to finish the rice or got to force himself to finish it in order not to be sinful. He kept telling himself that he shouldn't waste the food because kids in Africa are starving. Because of that, he became superman to sapu all the rice. Wahahahahaha.... I'm really sorry la wei. I seriously thought u could finish it ma XP

After lunch, the guys went to play ping pong.
I don't understand, you get to play ping pong in HELP also what. Why come to Redang also want to play? +_+

After the ping pong session, it's TIME, time for my first snorkeling trip ever in my 19 years of life!!!

Before that, we went to rent the snorkeling equipments and life jacket for RM15 (I think so because I can't remember d. Simply hentam the figure) and headed over to the boat that brought us to our first snorkeling spot, the deep sea.

HUGE mistake. I don't understand why our first snorkeling trip was deep sea considering the fact that some of us might not know how to swim.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know how to swim ok.

Imagine how freaked out I am when I was walking to the boat and halfway there, I started to 'float' =_=''' But thank goodness Sim was beside me la. He was holding my hand and was trying to assure me that it's safe...

Sim: Don't worry la. Got me here ma.

Yian: ^.^ Waaahhh...this is very scary wei. Omg, I'm floating. Do you know how to swim? You know how to swim 1 right?

Sim: No wor. I don't know how to swim 1.


Sim: Aiya, I promise that no matter what happen, I won't let go my hand la ok or not?

Yian: I'm SO not convinced =_____='''

I can see that he's actually quite scared also but he did a great job in hiding it in order for me to trust his words. Hahahaha... Thanks la dude.

Snorkeling for the first time for most us is really memorable. We kept drinking the super duper ultra salty water because we are not used to the snorkeling mask. Worse of all is when the water went into our eyes. Uugghhh.... I'm wearing contact lens some more. Terrible.

But never underestimate me. I learn things pretty fast ok! Within 30 minutes, snorkeling is no longer an obstacle for me overcome la. Snorkeling? Sap sap sui la...

(I know I sounded damn cocky XP)

Actually I know how to swim using the frog style. I guess that pretty much explains why I learn that fast. But hey, I still don't how to float T_T

Look a bit like jin sungai too =_='''

Mind the photo quality because it was taken by the underwater camera which uses films, not memory card mind you.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Sim did this on purpose!!! So funny! But dude, it's not nice to pretend that u are drowning when you don't even know how to swim in the first place. Very tai kat lai si 1 you know.

It's not an easy job to balance yourself and pose at the same time. You need to have level 99 to do that.

"Waaaahhh...... you all see... so many fishes!! So many corals. It's so beautiful!!!"

"Look at that! Look at that! So nice right? That fish got black and white stripes sumore"

"Eh, damn sien (bored) d la. When can we go back to our hotel? The fishes and corals all look the same 1".

I know I'm very hard to please.

After our snorkeling at the deep sea (got Nemo, the clown fish leh), we went back to our room to dry ourselves with the hotel's towel (we brought our own clean towel anyway). That's the time when all the guys 'show off' their *ahem*...

Yea yea... Very yeng and macho I know.

Oh, where is Ken?

Hahahahaha... there you are!!!

By 6pm, we all went over to the beach in front of Redang Beach to see baby sharks!!!

There, we befriended with 2 guys who work in Redang Bay because they brought us to see baby shark. I told them beforehand that I don't know how to swim and asked them don't swim too fast. But when 1 of them noticed that I can swim a little bit on my own, he exclaimed "U tipu la. U tau berenang punya!!!"


Sometimes I'm pretty good in deceiving people.

In less than a minute, he spotted the baby sharks and quickly grab my hand to swim with him. We got to swim really really fast because the baby sharks swim, well, very fast ma. I tell you, that joker who holds my hand seriously thought that I'm a Olympic swimmer I could swim!!!

He swam damn fast lor. And I got to pretend that I know how to swim too. Sigh.

But I admit, I was really really excited when I saw the baby sharks! There are 2. Yea, damn sad right only 2? That's why it's pretty hard to sight them when dozens and dozens of people are searching for them.

Best of all? I saw it twice =) Thanks to that same fella la.

Too bad some of my friends didn't get to see it while I saw it twice =P Lady luck is smiling at me isn't it? When I saw the baby sharks, the first thought that came to me was...

"Wah... shark fin soup!!!"

After that, our guys played football with our hotel's workers and some very very handsome guys from Taylors *droooooollllll* (I can pretty much conclude that guys in Taylors are good looking)

It's more like Chinese versus Malay team lor =_='''

The rule is... when the opponent scores, the whole team got to do push up on the spot. So imagine everyone in the team doing push up together on the beach.

1 word, yeng. (No pun intended)

The game isn't as easy as it seems. Oh, while all guys were playing football, guess what Ken is doing?

He became the commentator la!!!
Tai lou.... you call yourself a guy ar???

We girls certainly had a great time looking at the Taylor leng chais watching the match. It was a great game where Chong scored the first opening goal =) At least you didn't embarrass us from HELP.

Oh, almost forgot, our guys broke record too! So far, nobody managed to score any goals against those workers from Redang Bay. So, imagine our guys managed to score 3 goals! 3 freaking goals!!! Ta pau them liao...

Don't worry guys. I damn sayang you people also. Want to see leng lui?

EeLian is so pretty la!!! She and Anna wore bikinis *wink*

There are soooo many hammocks around the Redang Island. Imagine lying down on the hammock and enjoying the sea breeze. That's what I call life!

While the guys were enjoying their game and Ken was enjoying himself being a commentator, we girls *cough* *cough* do what girls usually do =D

Me with S.H.E

Wah lau.. All of us lost in posing to Yung Hui la. Hahaha...and what is wrong with SWei's hair?

Pity SimWei got thrown into the water.

And when the guys finished their World Cup Redang Cup match, Chong challenged me in futsal. He said if I managed to score a goal, he'll belanja me makan. And scored I did!!!

So where the hell is my meal??????????

Obviously I was lucky to score because I can't score another goal after that =/ But among the girls, I was the only girl who managed to score =P Like I said, don't underestimate me.

MYoong: I'm going to kick your ball.
Chong: I'm going to catch my ball.

Aiya, don't think something else ok?

Me attempting to be a goalkeeper and the experience is really scary T_T Eh, I think I managed to save a goal from Chong right??? I'm a superwoman!!! (I think I did not save any goal from him)

And when Ken heard Chong telling me that he owed me a meal because I managed to score, Ken wanted to be the goalkeeper too. Striker? Me la of course *wink*

Ken is seriously a joker la.
See what he did....

What the heck??? The ball went to the left but he dived to the right.

U really want to buy me a meal is it? Just tell la!!! Free meal who don't want?

Before going back to our room, we rinsed our body with the shower beside the swimming pool.

He's modelling for some Malaysia underwear brand.

Seriously Timmy, if you were being spotted by some modelling agency from my blog, u better thank me!!!! I want to be your manager! *ka-ching*

We saw this dude after dinner while on our way back to our room to bath. It's so huge that I thought it was a toy at first glance =_=''' Yea, that stupid lizard managed to make almost every girls who pass by that place screams.

After that, we had an early birthday surprise for Daniel.

So sad that the S.H.E got to make sand cake because they left the real cake in the bus =_='''

While SWei, Anna, Eelian, Sim and Phan were preparing the 'cake' above, the rest of us got to escort this VIP over to the beach bar.

Arrival of the birthday boy.

He sure has many wishes =_=''' He wished for almost a minute la.

And he took more than a minute to put off all the candles =P

He was forced by the guys to dance on the dance floor.

Birthday boy being punished by eating Wang Wang biscuit (rice biscuit) with wasabi.

Those were real tears. Kesian kesian...

Don't be greedy dude. Don't be.... hahahaha

Group photo =)

Next round was parrrrrty!!!

Chong brought a bottle of Blue Vodka, 2 bottles of carbonated drinks and some chips from KL. All we need to do is to buy some ice from the bar.


We even played some games. Losers got to drink.

Among the girls, I drank the most but the rest got drunk instead of me O_O The first girl who got drunk was SimWei and the guy was Phan.

That 2 drunkard.

MayYoong and I lost. So we both got to drink. I don't mind since I do drink occasionally!

I wasn't sure whether Daniel was sober that night or not. You know what he did in the middle of the night in Redang???

It was low tide at night, he took a chair and sat far in the middle of the sea!!!
Tell me, how sane is that?

We were searching for him around our hotel until we saw someone sitting in the middle of the sea. Frankly speaking, I thought it was 'those' thingy u see. But it was Daniel la!!! He told us that he was actually sitting there, enjoying the stars above. Chee sin!!!

But I tell you, I fell in love with the sky in Redang. The sky over there were filled with stars, all bright and shiny. We even saw some constellations and a group of starts arranged into a heart shape. So romantic right?

On the way back, Eelian needs me to hold her hand because she was a little bit drunk but still sober la. MayYoong started talking crap all the way back to our room and still doesn't admit that she's drunk =_=

However, that night the 3 of us (MYoong, YHui and I) chatted till 3 something in the morning, you know, those heart to heart talk. Wahahahaha.... kidding la. Was talking about snorkelling that night. Ken? Sleeping like a pig liao.

So people, are you satisfied with my entry? As promised, it's super long right? Now just be patient and wait for my next entry la k??? I need to give myself a break from blogging to hangout with friends ler =P I've yet to edit the Day 3 and Day 4 photos. Maybe you all got to wait for another week for the next entry.

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