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Karaoke "Competition"

Initially, I wanted to blog about last Sunday's karaoke session on that night itself. But I don't know what happened, I procrastinated until today, which is 3 days later (which I suspect is due to my laziness) =_='''

Well, before I talk about that topic, let talk a little bit about the movie outing on the day before to be fair la ok? Last Saturday, Chong, Phan, Sim Wei and I went for movie in 1 Utama and the place was so f****** packed!!! Our movie is at 7.45pm (so early because SWei was the 1 who bought the tickets). Chong and Phan was the first to arrive and they took 20 minutes to get a parking.

For my part, I was by 6.50pm, waited for SWei until 7.50pm. Reached 1u at 8pm and took 30 minutes to look for car park. In the end? We missed 30 minutes of the movie.


After the movie, we went for *ahem* supper at Bar BQ Plaza (something like that la. Don't give a damn about the spelling for that place since they did not pay me to promote their place also!). Actually the food there was quite good. Most of the time I was cooking for the other 3 to eat because I already had a piece of cake before the movie.

No appetite.

Chong and Phan both said they were full. In the end? They ate the most =_=''' What the heck?!

After that, we went over for another *ahem* supper in Aman Suria (Kayu) because I was craving for roti tisu! Damn!!! Diabetes attack!!!

I actually ordered tosai tisu but the joker got me tosai. So no choice, we ordered another roti tisu because they knew that if I didn't get roti tisu that night, I'm not going to leave that place. You know, we went there straight after dinner/supper in 1u, u might think that we can't possibly finish both the roti tisu and tosai right?

Hell wrong! That 2 guys sapu the food again. Super can eat ok!
We sat there for 3 hours like that, chatting and admiring those sports cars passing by.

We talked about cars most of the time =_=''' OMG! Can't believe I'll get myself into such topic in the first place. We left the place around 1 something since Ken didn't return my call. He got raped or not also don't care la.

That night, I slept at 4.30am. Few hours later, my alarm rang.


Time passes as fast as people fart ok!
What the heck??? It felt like I've just lie down on the bed and I got to wake up d. Super not enough sleep ok! Eyes were so puffy that day. Dark circles lagi.

It's time for karaoke session to choose the new 2007/2008 Karaoke Queen.

I was pretty nervous and excited because this is my 4th time going for karaoke.
I'm serious!!!
When I joined the singing competition back in high school, I've never sing k before ok! I went after Form 5. So, that was my 4th time going to sing k =) Still countable.

Unlike Teng, Flo and YMan, uncountable d T_T All this while, I don't find anything fun about cheong k since I can't read chinese and English songs are so damn hard to sing cuz most of the songs now u got to rap +_+ That's why I seldom go sing k lor. Eh, the last time I went was 2 years ago right? Omg... O_O

As usual, my house is always the gathering place for any outing. Teng and YMan came over (because I was the driver of the day) and we went to pick Florence up from Kelana lrt.

We wanted to book a room 3 days before but it was all fully booked! But thank goodness when we reached there, we got a room, a BIG 1.

Just for the 4 of us. Felt like those VVIPs man.

YMan: Sei po... look at the camera la can or not?
Florence: Don't disturb me la!!! I want to get the Karaoke Queen title.

Oooiiii!!! U dari mana satu kampung?

My puffy eyes T_T However, I looked like a Snow White beside Florence!! (I'll kill those who dare to tell Florence this!!!)

Can u see those papers around? Hahahaha...those are my lyrics!!!!!!!
So damn embarrassing! Each time those waiters came in, I got to hide my lyrics, or at least throw it somewhere else so that they wouldn't know that it belongs to me =P

The karaoke session we kinda untung extra 1 hour =P Because Florence knows a guy there and he hold on our room for another hour =D See, kao chai is good!

We stayed there for 4 hours. First 2 hours we sang Chinese songs and the other 2, we sang English songs. And we sang those really old English songs from Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Spice Girls and etc. Those are from my era la. And we really gone crazy that time. Too high singing old songs =_='''

If not? I got to rap is it?

"1 thing, I don't know why..It doesn't even matter how hard u try...Keep that in mind.." (Linkin Park, In The End)

Like that ar, people will be laughing their arse off at me man.

After that, we spent almost an hour walking around the Street Market before crossing over to Padini Concept store in Ikano because I wanted to buy new heels. Too bad it's either the size is too small or they only have 1 side of the heels <- it's true! Then, we spent another 1 freaking hour playing and fooling around in Ikea =_____________=''' I'm serious! Ikea that day was so freaking packed with people as well but we just don't give a damn. We kept posing and laughing like people who break free from Hospital Bahagia.

This is what we did in front of hundreds of people...
Teng: Come come... Mama pour tea for u to drink Yian.
Yian: Omg... This is so embarrassing. Like playing masak-masak wei.
YMan: Faster pour la. I want to leave the place la.

(And many people actually stopped by to look at us O_O)

Florence, good job! U looked like u are bathing.
Teng, u failed. People pangsai like that 1 meh?

This photo seems like I'm doing a cooking show or something.

We celebrating our 10th anniversary in advance. (I looked awful in pic because there were many ppl looking at us. I was sooo embarrass bcuz they might thought that we both are lesbian =( But who cares!)

She's an Oscar winner la. Pretend until so real.

Imagine while they are doing this, there are people actually waited for us (to take photo) because they wanted to see the kitchen cabinet =P

Yian: Cook faster la! I'm so hungry! Cooking abalone or lobster?
Teng: No, I'm cooking maggi mee.
YMan: And me frying mata kerbau.

T_______T So kiamsiap.

YMan, your bag ruined the photo ler.

And I really like this swing in Ikea! I even wanted to buy it but with my tiny little house, I don't know where to hang it =/ However, to satisfy myself, I forced Florence to take this photo for me and it looked awful ='(

Must pretend also ma. Stupid shirt came up, I look so pregnant here. And coincidently, I'm reading a magazine for mothers =_____=

Surprisingly, when I put this in my msn, this is what people say to me (without me asking for their opinion)

"Wah.. the display.. chun"

"Your picture so sexy"

"Like those work for MAS girls"

"A very nice photo indeed"

"Oh god this is so retro and old school. I like. It's a nice pic"

" Yau yeng la your display"

"Is that a real modelling photo or not?" <-chee sin, if real I'll be damn happy d lor

"So refreshing. Doesn't look like u cuz u won't look that good in pic" <- this fella didn't sense danger

Something is wrong with my friends man. How come their taste is so different from me? I don't think it look nice at all. But I like it cuz I look cool serious there =P

This weekend more outings? Took leave tomorrow for some business and will be hanging out with the ladies =) Can't wait.

All in all...

Teng - Your singing is always that good la. Can't even match u. Give me 6 months. I'll ta pau u that time! Wahahaha... Kidding.

YMan - Now only I realized that U actually have a very sweet and nice voice for singing leh. Practice more! Sure u'll be very good in it. Since u cheong k more than me, u get to practice more!

Florence - ............ Honestly speaking, SO MUCH BETTER than last time d lor. I mean it. Of course la, everytime also go cheong k. Still don't get better can commit suicide d.

Oh, thanks to Florence for saying that my voice was so much better than last time and my singing has improved =P Luv ya! Thanks to YMan also for saying that sometimes my tone is better than Teng and sometimes hers are better than mine. Like no comment given only =_='''

p/s - there's a lengchai waiter in The Curve's Redbox la =P Let's go again.

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