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Convocation @ TARC, 2007

In a few entries earlier, I said that Saturday (21/7/2007) I have something on right? Are you curious what is it? (Just pretend that you ARE curious la can anot?)

I was invited to attend Yoke Man's convocation in TARC ^.^ Well, it was a diploma convo, not degree. But I was quite excited because I've never attend any of my friend's convo before.

So, both Teng and I took lrt over (because we don't know the way) from the first station, Kelana, till the last station, Wangsa Maju (unless you want to include Terminal Putra as the last station then I got nothing to say la).

From the first till the last station takes almost 45 minutes to arrive. After that, we need to take a bus over to TARC. Initially we both planned to take a cab instead because YMan said it's pretty near from Wangsa Maju's lrt to her college. But when we walked over to the bus stop, we saw a bus waiting and decided to hop on to give it a try XP

If we took the wrong bus, we shall get down, ask people around or hail a cab. Nothing to be worry about as Teng and I are quite daring at times =P

When we arrived at TARC's main hall, I was pretty surprised! How come there are parents, friends and relatives being seated outside of the hall with flowers and soft toys??? Oh... Actually each student will be given 2 invitation cards for their parents. Those without invitation cards were all seated outside of the hall and watch the ceremony from a projector screen.

So sad.

Purple robe is for Mass Communication students, red for Business and blue for IT.

You can't imagine how many people actually came on Saturday for the convo. It was so damn packed that I could hardly move around!!!

Konvokesyen Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman @ TARC's main hall, 2007.
Erm, quite old but well maintained. The flooring were made of plank wood +_+

People kept taking pic around, pushing us here and there T_T

Some people really kua cheong (exaggerated). It's only Diploma convo ler... But some bought as many as 2-3 bouquet of flowers!!! Some received really really huge soft toys too! Is there such needs? When they really graduate that time only give la!!!

When you thought there were many people inside the hall, wrong! Outside is even worse. We don't even have a proper place to stand.

When we came out from the hall, in less than 10 minutes, Teng and I lost sight of Yoke Man and her family. Out of soooo many people over there, the probability of finding YokeMan is extremely low. And since she was busy taking pic with her friends, we both decided not to trouble her to find us and we went around the college to kap chais explore.

I have heard many many people telling me that TARC is famous for having many leng chais.

Damn it... it's just rumours la!!! Leng luis are everywhere! But mana ada leng chais???

Disappointed to the max!!!

So, since I don't have any photos of leng chais to satisfy my female readers, I got to take photos of...

Those buildings in TARC. Hey, better than nothing right?

Yes, TAR is big. But not as big as what I've imagined. University Malaya is 10x bigger!

They even have walkway. What about our HELP?????

People in TARC must be a nature lover because trees were being planted everywhere! Everywhere looks so 'green'.

Nothing special about this tree. Just want to show you all that this tree in TARC is very healthy.

Almost 1 hour later, the both of us were very tired and bored. Imagine, nobody we know over there (other than YMan) and there's no leng chais to see. All we can see is only trees, trees, trees and more trees.

Camwhore la.

Wahahaha...I'm like a snow white beside Teng XD

Erm... the aunty above is not your mum right?

I've posted every single photo that we took. Including the ugly ones =_=''' (I dyed my hair! Nice?)

I was bored la. So, I did something silly like that. When Teng saw the photo, she said that I was very naughty and demanded that she wants to take such naughty photo too.

Here's the effect.


Don't freaked out my readers la can mou?? Hahahaha... Kidding kidding...

My eyes can never win Teng's. So big for what??? Small also nice ma =X

We were tired. So, we rested for 15 minutes like that before we went home because I have dinner to attend that night.

Great. We took only 2 photos with YokeMan. 1 is when we met and congratulated her.

2nd is before we go home.

And before I leave the place, I seriously wanted to take photo of this beautiful tree. But then this kanasai uncle ar, refused to move eventhough I hinted to him untill so obvious that I-want-to-take-photo-so-please-get-lost kinda look. Then his wife came to him and I was so happy thinking that his wife came to tell him that they got to leave already.

Hell wrong. She stood there with him and both acted stupid that they don't know I want to take photograph.

So I don't care la. I took the photo with them inside to let the whole world to see. So angry!

Wait, they are not your parent right?

Before Teng and I exit the TAR's main entrance, suddenly this lady security guard approached me and this conversation took place... (summarized d)

Guard: Balik? Sudah habis lawat kawan?

Me: Ya ya. Sekarang nak balik dah sebab ada dinner nanti.

Guard: Ohhh... Eh eh, you punya kulit sangat cantik la!!! You guna foundation apa? Mana dapat beli?

Me: =_=''' (Is she teasing me or what? Can't she see that freaking huge pimple on my left cheek???) Oh... saya guna ZA 2-Way Foundation. Boleh beli di mana-mana punya farmasi.

Guard: Betul? Ok, saya pun mau beli. Ohya, you kerja belajar kat mana?

Me: Saya belajar di HELP University College. Kat Pusat Bandar Damansara sana.

Guard: OHHH!!!! Patut la saya rasa saya pernah jumpa kamu! Dekat HP Tower sana punya kan? You tiap-tiap kali pun makan di sana punya kan???

Me: =_='''' Erm.... Sebenarnya, kadangkala saja ada pergi. Bukan tiap-tiap hari la. Betul ke you pernah jumpa saya?

Guard: Yalah!!! Saya ingat saya pernah jumpa kamu. Tadi masa kamu masuk, saya dah rasa kamu ni saya pernah jumpa kat mana. Dulu saya kerja di HP Tower. Saya ingat muka kamu.

Me: Tapi, sana banyak orang, mustahil kamu dapat ingat saya.

Guard: Ingat la!!! Saya ingat mata you besar. Saya ni ingat mata orang. Mata kamu sangat besar!!! Cantik.

Me: =_____='''''''''''''' Tapi saya pergi ke college tak make up punya!!! Mata mana ada besar? Sekarang ada make up baru nampak besar. Betul you ingat orang yang betul?

Guard: Betul la!! Memang kamu saya ingat. Memang you. I ingat you punya mata.

Yer..... First, she praised my skin for being nice eventhough I have uncountable pimples on my face and then praised my eyes for being big, where my eyes are so !@#$%* small.

YOU LIKE ME IS IT???? Why say all the opposite thing??? Maaf la, saya suka lelaki, bukan perempuan wanita! Hahahaha....

But still, thank you very much for all your praises =P

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