Sunday, July 15, 2007


If I ever get a chance to rear a dog, I would like to name it Tomato.

Isn't the name sounds very cute???

If possible, I want to have a dog as big as Lilee's dog and named it Tomato. When I tell people my dog's name is Tomato, they'll assume that my dog is either Shih-Tzu or Chiwawa. Then when they come over to my house, they'll be surprise to see a bear there!

Good plan good plan!

Today, I told Yoke Man that if I ever get to rear a dog, I want to name it Tomato.

She burst into laughter =____='''

"Hahahaha...that's your nickname isn't it? TOMATO YIAN!!! U want to name your dog after your nickname?"

T____T Yoke Man, I felt damn sad that u still remember that embarrassing name of mine, all thanks to Chin Howe!!!

Well, I laugh a lot back in high school and my face confirm turns red because of high blood pressure, CHowe decided to name me as Tomato Yian. Worse of all is when he goes around telling people and calls me by that name as if my name is really Tomato!

Very memalukan wei.

After so many years, can't believe there are people who still remember that name. Teng remembered too. Sigh...

But I really wanna name my future dog as Tomato!!! Sounds so cute!

Mum, I want a Golden Retriever or Shih Tzu! Pretty plssss...

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