Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Want to Go to Gay Bar in KL!!!

Yea, I really wanted to. But, too bad I ain't a guy =( Most handsome guys are gay, so I really wanted to go there to have a look. And I'm sure that I'll be 'pretty' safe from being rape by them since they won't be interested in me =P I obviously don't discriminate them ok!!!

Now I'm pretty bored of guys and thought that maybe I should become a lesbian! Wahahahaha... Guys are troublesome and hard to know what they are thinking about. Becoming a les is not a bad idea right?

Girls.... Anyone wanna join me, the lesbian gang? Hahahaha....

By the way, is there any lesbian bar in KL??? Can bring me there to have a look? I'm just being curious la =P Wonder the place will be fun or not.

Ooiii!!! Believe that I'm lesbian or not?
At least girls are more gentle and caring compared to guys in relationship right??? I suppose la...

Edited: Wahahaha... Indeed got people believe that I'm a les!! That's incredible! I, obviously, are not a lesbian lar... Was just kidding =)

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