Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shabu Shabu

Might be wondering what the hell I wrote above right?

Ok, if you are that type of person who reads newspaper everyday, you should have come across the Metro (The Star) section where they recommend this Japanese Steamboat restaurant called Shabu Shabu in Times Square.

So, Sylvia planned to give that restaurant a try on Friday itself and the dinner was set at 7pm. Coincidently, that day was also my last day of working (I only got to know it 3 hours before the dinner =_=''' I thought I'm suppose to work until Saturday. Special thanks to my boss for treating me lunch on that day and my colleagues for treating me dinner few days ago). Because of that, I have to pass back all the work (hell lots of work!) to my colleagues and some farewell speech from them before I could leave.

Yah... I was late to meet MYoong at Bangsar station. Thank goodness I told her to come only when I give her a call because I took lrt over (what to do...no car ma. I'm so poor T_T) right after work. Then, we kinda wasted another half an hour waiting for MFai to come from *cough* MV. Super duper jam.

In the end, the both of us decided to take lrt and KL monorail over to Times Square. What an 'enjoyable' ride to be able to squeeze ourselves in between those sweaty blue collar workers in the train =_=''' You all go and try la! Highly recommended!!!

Here we are at Shabu Shabu Japanese Fusion Steamboat Restaurant.

Since there were 8 of us, we decided to divide ourselves into 4 groups for easy sharing cuz the pot is quite small =.=

Group 1: Sylvia and Jordan (couple)

Group 2: Li Lee and Meng Fai (couple) Yealar MFai..I know u want to be the 2nd group =P

Group 3: May Yoong and Yian (couple Lesbians). Wahahaha.... kidding la. Don't kill me MYoong!

Group 4: Ken and Yung Hui (couple friends). Wah seh... you both seriously want to be the 4th group ar?

In Shabu Shabu, they offer 3 types of soups which are tomyam, miso and chicken soup. Group 3 and 4 selected tomyam soup, group 1 was miso and group 2 took chicken soup (Wah... that makes my job so much easier instead of listing out all the names!)

Our selection, RM9.90 only.

Don't think the food is cheap. In return, their drinks cost us a bomb!

Look at the amount of food we ordered. Well, half of it belongs to Meng Fai =_='''

The fruits and ice-creams are all FREE!!! Yummy~

After our meal, it's time for photography session!!!

Yung Hui was holding the camera and Sylvia went to the ladies.

I tell you... Ken is probably the worst cameraman EVER la =_=''' He takes a looooong time just to capture 1 photo of us.

Yung Hui, I can see that you are so happy until I cannot see your eyes but your teeth only =D

Group photo.

*toot* *toot* train.

+_+ Aiya... MYoong... Come back please...

Before we left Times Square for another minum session, we fooled around the entrance area. Of course, the joker is tak lain, tak bukan (none other than)...


When he did that, a bunch of aunties and maids kept laughing!!! Dude, you sure are famous in Times Square wei!!

(Fine, I admit that I'm the 1 who forced him to do so)

At the entrance. I was holding the camera =P

For the yamcha session, we (Ken, YHui, MYoong, MFai and I) decided to try a new place in Damansara Perdana called Friendster!!! Yes, you read that right. It's called Friendster and the place is really quiet and beautiful la. I like this kind of place because it's quiet!!!Don't really like noisy places nowadays.

Friendster is a cafe similar to Starbuck and they provide free WiFi too!!!

Good angle for YHui n MYoong, bad for me =(

These 2 soh lous got crazy when it's past midnight. They kept saying and doing those crazy things. No wonder the 5 of us dipulaukan la!!! But Friendster is a good place to kap luis isn't it??

Ken, MYoong and I ordered espresso while YHui ordered some don't-know-what-tea (MFai left the place around 12.30am like that. If he goes home late, his dad is going to rotan him la. Hahaha...)

Our espresso are so freaking small!!! Hahaha...cute right? Like those teacups for playing masak-masak only.

He always, always takes funny pic.

Her cup pula too big!!!

Initially, I wanted put a good sign. But I don't know why it turned out to be like that in the end =_=''' Guess it wasn't that good after all.

MYoong was so hyper that night. I wonder why...

So, the 4 of us stayed until around 1.30am because YHui's mum kept calling her to go home as it was already very late. And thank you very much to Ken for fetching all of us home. Really paiseh ar...

Ken, next time remix Sam Hui's song again ok?

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