Sunday, July 08, 2007

I Like the Ambassador. And the Brand Also la

Fasio came out with a new mascara lately called Hyper-Stay Mascara and I'm *ahem* so tempted to buy it. But 1 thing I wonder, is that mascara merely a new packaging for their Power-Stay Mascara 3D+Air Tech?

Whatever it is, I don't really care =P

The reason for me being the loyal Fasio user is because of their brand ambassador, BoA. It may sounds stupid but it's true! I've been using their products for so many years is because of BoA. I had always like BoA (I like her as a singer la! Not those lesbian thingy ok) and when I know that she's the ambassador for Fasio, I die die also must support that brand la.

But hey, Fasio products is good also ok!

What I really admire about her is her forever so beautiful look.

This is the photo for the Fasio Power-Stay Mascara 3D+Air Tech. So pretty right??? Guys stim anot?

And when I entered Guardian with MYoong yesterday, we saw Fasio's new mascara, Hyper-Stay and this is her photo for that.

Super duper pretty la wei!!!

I know that the photos above are heavily photo shopped by some professional ass but I don't care!!! Nobody denies that BoA is pretty anyway.

By the way, I heard people said that if u face someone very often (eg. parent), eventually you'll look more like them. Like some people who *ahem* rear dogs, somehow, the owner and the dog kinda look the same right? No offense. I said some ok, not all!

So if I stare at BoA's photos above 3 times a day, each time before a meal, will I eventually look like her?


Kidding la.

But the sad thing about Fasio products is, it's not cheap and I find that for that amount of money that I'm paying, I can actually get other better cosmetics instead. However, out of so many mascaras I've used so far, my favorite is still Fasio's even though it's hard to remove and causes a few of my lashes to drop each time I remove it.

There are other Fasio products that I like as well but since this is not an advertorial, I don't need to talk much about it la.

My main point for this entry is to actually tell u people that... BoA is so so so pretty!!! And her singing is good. Everyone must support her ah!! This is a demand =P

I like today's date, 7th of July 2007, 070707.

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