Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Happy 21st Birthday To U!!!

And he is of course, my brother~ (I know I'm bad to wish him 5 mins before the clock strikes 12. But I did it on purpose. Talk about creativity ok??!!)
21 years old, can get married without parent's consent d ^.^ Another couple of days more, I'll be sending you off to Australia. Time flies man...

On another note...

Many friends actually commented that my eyes sparkles.

=___=''' You know what...

It's the silver eyeshadow that I applied ler!!! Or or or... the brown contact that I'm wearing!!! That's why my eyes sparkles. If not, it'll look small and tired because of the lack of sleep.

That's the wonder of make up la. Yea, you can say that it's all fake. Whatever.

Make up, 1 of the greatest invention by human. Wahahahaha...
Now, I'm waiting for this coming Saturday's plan =P Really anticipating! Must think of what look I should present on that day even though I'm not the main character. Will be cutting trimming my hair on this Saturday as well >.<

Eh, if it's not nice, I don't want to attend ok!!! Don't know how to face ppl later =_='''

Shhhh... I shall keep it as a secret and don't want to reveal anything yet.

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