Thursday, July 12, 2007

Birthday Celebration For Sylvia

After a long entry from the previous post, I shall write a shorter entry tonight so that you people don't have to stare at the computer for so long and increases the power of your eyesight.

I'm just so nice.

To those who didn't get to attend Sylvia's birthday last Friday (6/7/2007), this is what we did that night. Of course I must start off by thanking Edward for fetching me that night because I know he will be reading this! If not, next time he don't want to fetch me anymore then how? Cycle to my destination meh?

But then Edward, apa macam lewat?

I seriously rushed myself that night after work (OT some more!) and you were late =_=''' But no worries, you didn't make me wait for more than half an hour *wink* So I'm totally fine with it.

That 15 minutes to One Utama via the LDP highway was truly an 'enjoyable' ride for me and Tsu Lynn where he tried to show us what Initial D driving is =_____='''' *cough* *cough* Erm.... tai kor.... I still want to eat sushi that night 1 ok!!! I don't want to eat in heaven (touch wood!!!).

As you all might have guessed correctly, the 3 of us made a grand entrance for being the latest to arrive when we are NOT even the main star of the night.

To cut things short, we had our dinner at Sushi Groove, One Utama.

Located at Ground Floor of the New Wing. (At Shogun and Esquire Kitchen that side, but on different floor)

The interior is really cool and stylish where all of us were seated at those long tables with other diners as well because it's 'groovy'. Why groovy? That's what they wrote over there!

Guys... haih... Guys... Nothing else to show huh?

Here's what we had that night but since we didn't take pic of all the food we ordered, I didn't get to promote it all here.

Don't know what chicken what rice. This is what I ordered after being con confused by May Yoong =_=''' Don't ask me what happened, it's a long story! However, this is 1 of the dish that is recommended by Sushi Groove.

Personal opinion: Tasted a bit like popcorn chicken but slightly crunchier and saltier. So, obviously it's nicer than those tasteless popcorn chicken in KFC!!! I like their rice actually! Just don't know how to explain its taste. So if you are curious, go and give it a try *wink*

Don't know what salmon sushi. This was ordered by Ken and since I don't eat anything raw don't want to eat Ken's expensive salmon sushi, I didn't try it. But I heard Tsu Lynn said that it's nice.

Personal opinion: The price paid also very nice.

Penis with sperm Don't know what with cheese. It's beef. So since I can't eat beef, I didn't try that as well. But I heard the guys said it's 'groovy' especially the sperm cheese.

Personal opinion: It looks disgusting to me. So I better not comment on this =_='''

Hahahaha... I know the name for this dish!!! Wait, I forgot now. It's something beef burger. But I see any bread =P This beef burger was ordered by Tsu Lynn. She said it was alright but definitely not the best she had tasted so far.

Personal opinion: I see those blood oozing out makes me wanna puke. Sorry guys!

Don't know what bento. What ever la! I know my memory is bad. I can't even remember things that happened last week. I'm bad in remembering all these small little details ok!

But I remembered that Edward was freaking lucky that night. When all of us had already finished our food, Edward's bento is still missing in action. After more than half an hour, he complained to the waitress who served our table and apparently, they forgot about his bento.

As we all know about Edward's temper, he make a big deal out of it la he asked the waitress politely what happened and the next thing I know, his freaking bento is on the house!!!

Tell me, just how lucky he was because coincidently, he ordered the most expensive bento from the menu lor.

Cis Cis cis cis!!!

If some of you think, "Wahhhhh Yian, you help Sushi Groove to promote their food, they need to pay you for advertorial lor".

My reply would be, "What the?? I review until like that... they don't sue or blacklist me already damn good lor!!!"

Try asking me this question in MSN. Confirm I'll reply you with that answer.

The forever so pretty Tsu Lynn, me and May Yoong (I like her new hairstyle so much!!! It's so cute~)

Us with Sylvia, the birthday girl.

3 of us with Jordan. Sylvia's *cough* *cough*...

4 girls.

4 guys.

What a coincident right? How come the amount of guys and girls are always so equal?

Oh, we bought a Sony MP3 for Sylvia. Those who want to share, please issue me a cheque XD Jkjk...

Out of the 4 musketeers (Lilee, MYoong, YHui and Yian), only 2 came. I don't like to take photo looking up ler. Photographer? Ken la!! He even dare to claim himself to be a good photographer by taking at this angle =_='''

Birthday girl looks absolutely gorgeous that night! =)

Someone looks odd here O_O Hahahaha...

What la? You always tease me for being fat. I teased you back to be fair and square only =P

This pose was planned last minute, few seconds before Jordan push the button. Who started it by posing like that huh? I really can't believe that I actually followed along +_+

After the dinner, Edward went to Maison in KL while the rest of us headed over to Laundry (Bar) for a drink. Big mistake!

Coincidently there's an event going on (local bands performing) and the place was sooooo damn packed with people! There were so many people queuing outside, waiting for tables. Because of that, we got to cancel the plan and so, Siu Fai, Sylvia and Jordan went home.

However, MayYoong, Ken, Tsu Lynn and I stayed back because it's too early to go home!!! But Tsu Lynn memang got plan to meet her friends over there la. So, the 4 of us headed over to ViVo to meet up with Ken's friends. Tsu Lynn just sat there for 5 minutes before going over to join her friends at Paddington.

That leaves just MYoong and I with the 5 guys =_=''' Luckily Ken's friends were all very friendly and funny. There's 1 guy in spec (sorry, forgot his name) was so quick in socializing with us. In less than 10 minutes, he took out his hp to ask for our numbers. Hahaha.... but pity him because we both didn't give him our hp num! Sorry for treating your friend like that ya Ken.

Ken, learn a bit from him la XD Must act fast ma.

But then hor, how come some of your friends so sweet talker 1? Guys at your age talk like that 1 ar? May Yoong, which 1 are you interested in? Choose 1 =P

In the end, Ken's friends all left the place first while the 3 of us walked around The Curve and Cineleisure because it's STILL early! Oh, we passed by the Sanctuary and it's absolutely disappointing!!!


The music was so soft (Laundry's music is even louder) and the dance floor, haih, better don't mention la. Worse of all is, it's so damn packed with *ahem* mature adults =.=''' So, next time clubbing don't ajak me to go there la can? It's disappointing ler...

p/s - Chong, don't think I'll let you go so easily for ffk me that night!!! I'll slaughter u d then next time I see u for yamcha.

Happy 20th Birthday Sylvia!!!

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