Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tired + No Mood

Aiya... Actually I don't have the mood to write any long entry in these couple of days because I'm too tired lately. That's why no mood to edit nor upload the photos =/ Moreover, what's the point for me to edit those photos (eg. Redang) when nobody even bother to comment (I know it was my fault in the first place to blog it out after 3 freaking months! So?? Say something will die is it? T_T) other than Yung Hui??!!!!

Ok, nobody bothers, I don't bother also la.

Procrastinate again... That's ME!!!

Concentrate on my last week of working first. But then, almost every night also got to work OT leh!!! Whoa~~ I'll be admitted to hospital anytime... yea, anytime...

So when you all come to visit me, remember to buy me flowers (kanina... first time receive flowers not on Valentine's Day but in hospital pula!) and fruits ya!!! I love fruits~ Don't want durian la. High cholesterol and if I got to stay longer in hospital, you all shall foot the bill!

Damn. I always get further and further I talk about something =_='''

Eh Teng and YMan, my face suddenly got 1 huge pimple (due to the lack of sleep I guess) on my left cheek! Cheek you know!!! VERY obvious!!!
Suddenly felt so reluctant to go out tomorrow =_='''

Come to think of it, I don't have a choice whether to go or not because Teng will be coming to my house tmw T_T Die die also must go d ler... for the sake of kap chais...

Before the clock strikes 12...

Happy 20th Birthday to Soo Wen!!!
Mama will always love u =P

What man? Wishing people minutes before 12 is my style ok! Creativity... creativity... creativity... creativity...

Nice date la Soo Wen! 20072007!!! Moreover, it happens once in a lifetime~ How lucky!

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