Friday, June 29, 2007

-post removed-

(I obviously posted it when I wasn't in the mood and had no idea at all wtf I'm writing)

Btw, I've decided to postpone the Redang entry until I got my external. And that will probably be next week!

Sorry la sorry la...
I'm such a procrastinator. However, don't give high hope on it. Might disappoint u because it's just a trip that I had with friends. Might not have anything interesting at all.

After some discussion with my colleagues today, I've decided to buy the 250G because they think that 400G is just way too large and expensive. They said, since I won't be using that much space, I might as well buy the 250G and save up a few hundred ringgits instead.


Have decided, shall buy 250G then =) Save the extra money for shopping, buy things for family or makan with friends lor.