Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thanks to u guys

Remember I said that there's something wrong with my Mozilla for almost a week? I've asked so many people to diagnose the damn problem and in the end, only Lee Ming managed to help me to gao dim it! Thank u so much~

But this is what Phan said when I'm asking for his help... (start guessing what he said)
Take 1:-

Yian: I clicked on Mozilla, the window doesn't pop up

Yian: B4 that, da Mozilla auto update da software itself.... after update, kenot open d

Phan: Lidat oso ask me ar

Phan: U think i godzilla meh

So damn funny la can! I laughed eventhough I wasn't in the mood that time.

Take 2:

Phan: btw... i noticed 1 funny thing ar

Yian: apa?

Phan: after i visited ur blog website ar

Phan: when i check my history ar

Phan: takde punya 1

Yian: ????????????????

Yian: so yau yeng ar?

Phan: Hahaha... I oso dunno wei

Phan: i think ur blog ar

Phan: is i imagine 1 oni

Phan: hahahaha

Yian: hahahhahahahahaha.... damn scary wei!!!

Yian: imagine again

Phan: jokin oni wat. ape lar u

Phan: juz intend to make u laugh oni

People who went to Redang and came to my seat to chat with me in the bus should know about Phan's 'superb' imagination!!! Hahahaha...

Still, thanks a lot for cheering me up when u know that I wasn't in the mood that time ^.^ Purposely dedicate this entry for u la. Ok mou?

Eh, u said that u gonna treat me for cheering me up right? Still valid? I'll take that answer as a 'yes' ok! XD

Thanks to my friends who tried to cheer me up. I don't know whether u r reading this or not, but, I felt damn lucky to have so many friends who cared for me la!!!

I'm such a lucky girl =)

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