Monday, June 25, 2007

Sim Wei's Birthday Party

Celebrated Sim Wei's birthday at her house on 19/05/2007.

A little bit outdated but what to do, just got the photos about 1 hour ago =_=''' I'm not going to talk much about it here because I don't really remember what happened.

Before the steamboat party, Ken, Daniel, YHui, Sylvia and Jordan came to my house while waiting for Chong's gang to arrive. Remember the dress code for SimWei's party that she sets?
Girls-> Skirt+make up.
Guys-> Shorts.

I tell you, the whole dress code thingy looked so weird!!! We girls all wore until so glamorous (I think my dressing is the most laupek 1) but the guys all... so casual and cincai. Ken even wore slippers =_='''

No wonder when I opened the door for YHui they all, Ken was the 1st to say, "Wah Wan Yian, no need so kua cheong kua".

See!!! Something is wrong right? I already dressed down because I knew that it's going to be a steamboat party. I even wore that stupid old blue shirt that I wore for snorkeling in Redang.

Hahahaha...can smell seawater mou? XD

Lots of yummy food!

Lenglui Longma holding the bday cake for the bday girl.

Blueberry Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe ;) (damn fattening la T_T)

SimWei's first birthday gift.

She looked damn good in it ok!

She was then presented with the 2nd birthday present. Which is another skirt but brown in color.

Then we proceeded to play some games planned by Eelian and Anna. The 17 of us were divided into 2 groups and cheers~~ my group lost. So, we were being punished by drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with coke!!!

Ugghh! The smells alone already puts me off.

Well, because I have gastric in the past, I was exempt from drinking it. Actually only the guys were being punished =P Who ask you all don't wear skirts that night?

They pour for me for the other group to see that, all losers shall be punished. I don't need to drink it. That's why I'm smiling!!! =D

Me with the birthday girl =)

All of us from HELP University College.

The girls. See, don't u think my dressing is the most laupek among them? T_T (That brown skirt that the bday girl wore above was her 2nd bday present that night)

Me and cute cute Anna. She's from Hong Kong!

Can u see that both of our face is so freaking oily? Make up+heat=Oil. Can fry food d.

Mata kerbau anyone?

SimWei is pointing at Phan's muscle actually. But at 1st glance, I thought she was pointing at his... nevermind. =_='''

This is what you do when you don't have any muscles to show off =P Don't angry ya Ken!

This photo is so funny!!! And cute too~

Every year, these 2 always win the Golden Couple award. Give other people a chance la can mou? XD

Don't know what happened that night, we both became a "couple". Fake 1 la duh!!!

And this is my perempuan simpanan! Hahahaha...


Nothing beats these 2 fellas la ok! They pretended to be couple, but how come it looks so real 1??? Hahaha...

If you put their initials together, it spells out S.H.E

Many said that these 2 jokers look damn alike =_='' Sure anot?

Anna is looking at Sim's smurf hairstyle XP And he seems to be proud of it!

Another 2 lengluis. I am super duper jealous of MYoong's body ok! She eats a lot but still so slim.

The world is so unfair =(

Btw after paying back my dad the money that he gave me for Redang trip by the end of this month (I'm going to force him to accept no matter what! Takkan I use his money for my trip right? Let alone the Langkawi trip la. If pays back that money, I got to become kuli for another month man), I decided to use the remaining money to buy an external hard disk because I am SO FREAKING FED UP OF RESIZING THE PHOTOS ALL THE TIME!!!

Don't know how many hundreds of photos I still haven't resize man. Give up!

But now I'm stuck. My brother gave me 2 choices..
Buy a 250G external for RM300+ (include casing)
Buy a 400G external for RM1 per G (exclude the casing) <- freaking expensive lor eventhough I can afford it T_T

My actual budget is below RM400 so that I can use the extras for shopping. But if I buy the 400G, it'll cost me almost RM500 in total! But since I'm going to buy an external once and for all, might as well get the 400G one right? However, I doubt that I will use that much space also. Omg! I just can't decide.

My dad actually wanted to buy an external for me, but I declined because for our age now, we can't just spend our parent's money like no tomorrow right? If I wanted something very much, I would rather save up and buy it myself =) I don't want to be so 'bai ga' ma.

... Really don't which 1 to buy. T______T

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