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Pieces of Me

Forgot where I got this from because I have been keeping this entry for more than 10 years in my laptop. Just too lazy to complete it. So in order to please my friends while waiting for my photos to arrive, treat this entry as 'appetizer' la can?

Warning: It's a very very very long entry!

First taste of fame
I wouldn't really claim this as fame but for once in my life, I got fans friends cheering, calling our names and supporting us while Teng and I was singing on stage, in front of hundreds of ppl. Don't know how true was that, but someone told me that both of us got the highest number of votes!!! ;) 60% was based on judges' decision.

Both of us joined for fun and managed to enter finals was already a bonus for us =) Winning or not is not important. What's memorable is when 80% of my classmates came to support us (got to pay for entrance fee some more!) and was cheering and supporting us all the time. That was priceless.

Don't bother to comment on my look plsssssss!!!

Only the 3 of us managed to enter into finals. And all of us won!!! We didn't let our classmates down didn't we?

Memorable moments
There are just too many to list out for this part. It will be all the trips with my friends and the things we did together.

The memories I had with friends in high school is priceless.

My visit to the orphanage for Moral project. I really had so much fun with those kids over there and almost cried when I have to leave. You know, they asked us for our hp number and kept asking us to go back to visit or play with them when we have the time. Damn sad ok!

To be fair, here are my memorable moments with my college friends.

Watching sunset for the first time in my life in Langkawi.

We in front of our hotel Laguna Hotel, Redang.

Most stressed and tensed moment
Damn. This really spoil my mood la. I guess the latest one would be during the accounting paper because 5 hours before the exams, I have to squeeze in 3 chapters of accounting in to my limited storage brain. Blame me for studying last minute =(

Wtf? Want photo ar? Stress like mad u think I got mood to take photo?

Things I like most
I don't know! I'm greedy. I like many things. I like places with beautiful scenery, beaches, sunrise, sunset, mountains and etc!

Things I hated most
Whoa. In this case, I hated many things as well. I hate hypocrites, parasites and people who do things (on purpose) to embarrass their friends. To be honest here, Jordan, I really hate it when u purposely zoom in to take ugly photo of me. I mean, I'm not a model of whatever f**k. I don't take good photos all the time. But, please don't do it on purpose can? Bcuz each time you did, u'll pass it around for people to see. That sucks because it's not only once but many times d and u only did this to me. Thank goodness u don't have a blog la. If not... die lor.

Sweetest moment
Definitely every single thing that my friends did for me, especially on my birthday! And *ahem* love poem from someone. Very kolot and geli la, but, very sweet ma! =x

Funniest moment
Since I have many humorous friends, I have many funny moments in my life. So, I shall change it to funniest misunderstanding moment that I had. Hm... that would be the time I went clubbing with my secondary friends on my birthday when Angie came as well. When we went in to the club, she kept dancing around me (like trying to seduce me =_=''') and my friend (Sharon) said that I damn chun, managed to attract a lesbian in less than 5minutes!

Wahahahahaa... Luckily Angie didn't know what she said. If not, her bf will bring parang to her house d.

Embarrassing moment
Of course tak lain tak bukan that Most Unwilling Tour (June, 2006) that I had last year to that bread factory la. Kanina.

(sorry, lazy to do hyperlink. If u want to read, can search from the archive)

Scariest moment
When I found out that a HUGE grasshopper had crawled underneath my shirt. Freaking scary. My brother took pic of that grasshopper but I'm not going to post it here. Out of so many things that grasshopper can do, why must it crawl underneath my shirt ar? My bro took photo of that grasshopper because he wanted to tell his friends how perverted that grasshopper is =_='''

Thus, each time his friends saw me, they laugh 1st before they say 'hi' T_________T
There are actually a few more question for me to do but I decided to skip it because I don't feel like doing it. I decided to post some very old but memorable photos of myself la can? Cannot say cannot because I'm the author of this blog!!!

Za dou right?

Here it is...

We don't plan to join la. Just took the form for fun. But it brings back some fond memories. I looked like Filipino in the pic, right? T_T

This photo damn yau yeng. Wash toilet pun mau pose.

I miss the girls very much

Only half is in this photo. The rest don't know gone where d. I know I've put on a lot of weight la! Don't say anything!!!

A day trip to Pulau Ketam (April, 2006). Super duper fun la!!! My tummy was aching because I laughed so much that time.

My 1 and only outing with Pamela wei.

All the way from HELP to PJ just for a plate of rojak. That's my son. He left me because I didn't give him enough allowance T_T

The best assignment I had so far. The only group assignment without stress.

This photo is not related to me but was taken by me. When EngHui posted this photo in his friendster, the whole foundation ppl thought these 2 fellas paktho!!! Sometimes I really admire my photography skills la =P No need photoshop 1.

Wah.. This 1 super memorable la. I am lying on... Manpreet parent's bolster =_='''

Wahahahaha..... Teng,u looked damn funny in this photo la! I laughed each time I saw this =P

She's my antique friend.

Nothing beats the memories we had in Trolak man! That was the best ever!

Hahahahaha... We will only do such thing in Kayu's class.

First time see someone can sleep till so straight ^_^'''

Attempted to be Guan Yin but failed miserably.

I guess that's all la. If I got the mood, maybe I'll re-edit this entry to add in more photos. But really doubt that I'll be that hardworking XP

Hope this entry is enough to please you people =)

(I did blog on everything mentioned above. Interested to read can search from the archive except for the Trolak camp 1 ^.^)

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