Monday, June 18, 2007

The Making of Bak Chang

I had a wonderful Sunday I tell you.

My day started early in the morning where my dad forced me out of my comfort zone to go down my grandma's house to help her to make rice dumpling (bak chang). But since I'm doing this only once a year, I don't mind sacrificing some of my sleeping time to help my grandma =)

My aunt, mum, grandma and I (3 generations!) were sitting on a stool each in the kitchen and was chatting while making the dumplings. You know, it felt exactly like in those dramas where a few aunties ladies sitting in the kitchen, preparing something while chatting. Except that I'm obviously younger than those ladies in the dramas la.

I has been doing this for I don't know how many years already but my grandma still said that I was playing with food more than helping!!! T_T I really know how to make 1 lar. Only thing that it's extra small but with lots of chestnuts inside because I like eating it very much *blush*. I will also pretend to forget to put in the mushroom because I hated it very much.

Guess my grandma was right. Seems like I'm playing with food rather than helping. But hey!!! At least I'm entertaining the crowd right? <- At times I hate myself for being so thick skin la T___T

But I like to make bak chang you see. It feels like I'm carrying out some traditions or something and not following the trend now where you buy bak chang from pasar pagi instead of sitting together with your family to make it.

This is how my family make dumplings. First you have to pick 1 big and 1 small bamboo leaves (washed clean of course) and twist it like a cone. Secondly, put a little bit of glutinous rice, green peas, half salted egg yolk (cholesterol attack!!!), pork, chestnut (I usually put in 2 =P), mushroom (I usually pretend I 4get to put), chinese sausage and some glutinous rice again. Then, you wrap it in such a way that it has 4 corners and tie it with a string. In Canto, the string is called ham sui chou. Direct translation would be 'salty water weeds' <- hahahaha. Oh, make sure that you tie it really tight. If not, when you boils it for 3hours, it will crack open. This is my Hainanese style of making dumplings and it's very yummy!

After that, I brought my dad and my family out for lunch to celebrate Papa's Day because grandma said no matter what, we have to eat bak chang for dinner T_T No choice, got to celebrate during the day lor.

Initially I thought of bringing my family to Hilton Hotel for buffet because it's only RM50++ per pax. But god damn them, they increased the price to RM80++ per pax due to Father's Day!!!


So, changed plan to Cineleisure la what to do, since I'd promised to belanja my mum to watch movie ;) So we went there to buy movie ticket and to eat as well (and I paid the bill. Felt so yau yeng man!). Guessed I've made the right choice to go to Cineleisure because.... there's street market over there on every weekend!!!

OMG, I bought so many things!!! Money flows like water.....

I even bought some Arsenal merchandise for my younger brother. Damn, I always wanted to buy things for him when I'm out shopping T_T It's like a habit. A bad habit!

But my little brother pointed at a Nike shop and said, "che... I want Arsenal jersey." (insert those innocent eyes)


He thinks my butt prints money. Or maybe I owns a bank. Or maybe he thinks I would sell my kidney to buy him a !#%& jersey. Go and drink milk la ok? Good boy... go go go... (pls don't let him read this or else I'll be dead)

However, after 1 hour of walking around the street market, we went home to take a short nap before mum and I went back again to Cineleisure for movie at 8.10pm. And we walked around the street market (again!) and Cineleisure (because we arrived early) and I bought more stuffs again T_T

I hate my 'spend now and worry later' kinda attitude. Haih...

What my movie was?

Wahahahaha..... My long awaited movie...

200 Pounds Beauty!!!!

This movie is freaking nice ok!!! Well, it depends on personal preference la. But since my mum and I like Korean dramas and movies, we both absolutely love this movie very much! And I definitely wasn't expecting the male lead to be that damn handsome and macho la!!! *drooooooooool*

Of course, Kim Ah-jung is super duper ultra pretty, gorgeous and hot ok!!! Was jealous all the way till the movie ends. This is a movie that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Me, Yian, confirmed was the heroin la.

I cried!!! OMG! This is so damn embarrassing. But come to think of it, I always embarrass myself 1 la. So, no big deal.

My mum lagi chun ok. She took out a packet of tissue to wipe some more =_='''

At least I uses my hand to wipe only.

When the movie ends and the lights were on, almost all the females in the cinema cried ok! So, I wasn't the only 1. Thank goodness I wasn't watching it with my friends too. If not, embarrass to the max! It's weird that it's very hard for me to cry when something bad happens to me in real life but I do cry easily when I'm watching some sad, pathetic dramas or movies. Damn.

To those who love Korean dramas and are able to accept some crying scenes (like what typical Korean drama does), this movie is highly recommended!!! Worth my money watching it. Or at least watching the male and female lead already make my RM11 (per person) so worth it =P

Kim Ah-jung looks a little bit like Song Hye Gyo and that girl in My Sassy Girl. Surprisingly, she too, looks a bit (maybe 10%) like Dawn Yang at some angles O_O

This is also the first time for me to watch movie with my mum only. Feels weird but well, it's my first time afterall =)

Btw, I super love my nails now XD I painted it in pink and sticks some stickers too.

It looks super lovely la (or at least I think so) and my colleagues definitely like my nails very much =D I'm so addicted to manicure now.

Girl ma.

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