Thursday, June 14, 2007

Help Me to Decide!

I'm so eager to get color contact lens now!!!


After having to won a pair of color contact lens last year and having huge eyes for 2 months, I am really considering of buying another pair =) But I'm still considering whether to get back the same grey lens that I had last year or I should try some other colors instead like hazel, blue or maybe green XD

At times, I'm not that daring ler.




(Ignore my stupid face la. Look at the color instead. Want to criticize then just go ahead. I know some people would =/ u know who u r)

Although the color doesn't look nice (because I obviously painted it myself), but I think turquoise looks cool! Makes me think of the sea in Redang! Hahahaha...

(Don't you ever tell me that I looked scary in color lens! Unless u wanna die now..)

Or maybe I should buy grey lens instead =( Should ask my cousin sister for her professional opinion.


I've finally finished with my HPV036 test today. Remember the test for cancer of the ovary that I mentioned last year? After more than half a year, I have finally completed the test. Now, I'm waiting for the results to be out on January, 2008!!! Don't ask me why it takes such a looooong time to get the results. I'm lazy to explain.

Just pray that I got the vaccine +_+


You know, I saw a policeman on the road a couple of days back. Well, he was riding on a bike and stopped beside my car while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Actually I did something very mean.

I kinda.... stared at his HUGE tummy. =_='''

While staring at him, I was lost in my own thinking. I thought, how can he fight or chase thieves/ robbers if, there so happens to have one?

Wahhhhh... I can't believe I just said that!!! I'm SO mean!!!

But since I've already touched this issue, might as well say more about it right?

I thought all policemen are suppose to pass some physical test before they are qualified to be a police? And they are not required to maintain the figure/stamina while they are still serving the nation? So what IF (touch wood!) someone snatch my handbag? I got to chase that bastard myself or I shall rely on our Malaysia policemen???

I personally, think that all the policemen should be send back to the camp where they were being trained =| Don't you realize that most of the policemen are overweight? =x

So, back to my story.

I was lost in my thinking and didn't realize that the policeman actually looked back at me, and he is aware that I'm looking at his tummy!

He gently touches his tummy (just like what pregnant lady does) and smiled back at me.


If I were him, I won't be ^.^, I'll be T_____T d lor.

But for what he did, I think he's quite cute lar! =D I wanted to take a photograph of him, but that is definitely WAY too much!

Shit. Hope that I won't get sued for what I wrote above.

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