Sunday, June 17, 2007

Funny Clip

Video introduced by my brother. Not sure if you people have watch it or not, but this video is freakin' funny la!!!

A bunch of jokers. But they are obviously very bias! How come the red team got all the easy ones while blue got the harder ones?

Still, it's very funny and entertaining la! Watch it! Watch it! =D


Happy Papa's Day to all the cute cute fathers

Happy Birthday to leng lui Chew Li (my colleague) too!!!

I'm going to use my hard earn salary to treat my dad to a scrumptious dinner to thank him on this Father's Day =)

I mean, I do buy stuffs for him on normal days =_=''' It's just that I'm going to spend more this time. So friends, do belanja your daddy makan la k? Don't be so kiamsiap la.

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