Saturday, June 23, 2007

Daily Routine

To my college friends who are working now, don't you think that working life is so routine?

This is my daily routine.

Work-> Lunch-> Work-> Dinner-> Tv-> Online-> Sleep.
And the cycle repeats.

I do love my work very much, for being able to meet many different people and working with great people in the office. But come to think of it, is this what working life in future is suppose to be?


Actually if I have any spare time, I rather be sleeping at home =_=''' If not, I'll be spending time with my family or catching up with some animes at home. I still go out on and off with friends la BUT, I really did toned down a lot on outing. So unlike me.



I realized that I've been giving the same reasons all the time like, "I'm lazy" or "I want to sleep" whenever people ask me out. As the matter of fact, I am not tired. Just that I don't have the semangat or mood like last time to go out all the time.

Gimme back my zaman kegemilangan!!!! T____T

Now I understand why working people rather stay at home than going out lepak.

Maybe I am ageing now.

Do ask me out also la friends. Don't stop asking after reading this post =P I'll try my very best to hangout with you people la ok? Oops... Next weekend is fully booked.

Next next week ok mou?

What the heck? Now weekends is my only lepak days. How pathetic.
Out again tomorrow ;)

p/s - As promised, I'll try to blog about the Redang next week ok? I'll TRY!!! Don't poke me.

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