Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Anna's Farewell Night

Actually I wanted to write this entry to be as sad as possible since it's Anna's farewell. But I have no idea how to write anything sad and emotional I'm so afraid that people reading this will cry uncontrollably. So, being the considerate me, I decided to make this entry as happy as possible la ok???

After all, my blog is suppose to be humorous and happy right?

Remember I said in the previous entry that Anna is from Hong Kong? She will be going back to Hong Kong first for a month (I think!) before furthering her studies to Australia. So we had a farewell dinner for her in Mid-Valley!

We are suppose to reach MV at 8pm and since I drove, I reached there at 8pm sharp (despite all the jams and working overtime)!!! Expecting myself to be the first to arrive but I was wrong. Sim, Timmy,Ainul, Jordan and Sylvia arrived before me. I think I better skip the part about who was the last to arrive =_='''

After a long "general meeting", we all decided to dine at Pizza Hut. But bloody Pizza Hut was so packed that day and we have to wait for a loooong time before our turn. So, we switched over to Little Penang.

Anna and the King Slave.

Queen of kap chai with Queen of kau chai

Anna and her master. (myoong, I can see you yawning behind!)

Anna and the King of Poser =P

Anna and my perempuan simpanan. Wahahahaha...

Anna with her farewell present-> 4 set of puzzles which is all our group photos taken together.

All of us here need HELP are from HELP.

I just can't believe that that 2 guys posed even better than the 2 girls T_T

All of us are required to write down our contact number for Anna.

After dinner and the photography session, it's already past 10 and the shopping mall is closing. We don't give a damn and continued to loiter around, waiting for Chong and Phan to go yamcha (they are working, that's why they didn't join us).

That's the climax of the whole farewell thingy lor.
Guess what we did.

I asked Anna to tell us about her thoughts on Malaysia and us!!! I can't really remember everything but the most memorable is when she commented on Ken. She said that everything that he said also hamsap 1.


She also said that he looks cool is he doesn't talk (or something like that). But when he talks..... =_=''''

About me, first, she said that I am creative. Which I denied because I don't think that I'm creative at all. She thinks that I'm creative in everything and especially with my speech as I always surprised her with what I said and she can never guessed what I would say =_=''' YHui strongly agrees with her pula. The rest would be I'm cheerful and happy and etc...

I'm so touched!!! Actually the whole thing was rather touching la seriously!

After her speech, she requested in return that all of us should give our thoughts about her too. We recorded the whole process for her to keep and watch even when she's in Australia.

Simwei was so emotional that night. She cried during dinner and when Anna was giving her speech.

Eelian who gave people an impression that she's someone tough and strong all this while, can't hold back her tears that night.

This photo gives me a deja vu =_='''

Anna and the Mid-Valley's security guard.

Anna and her sai lou.

I damn like the way Anna posed in this photo. She looks very nice here.
Ken, you are sitting on mou ying dang (invisible chair) is it?

After turning MV upside down, we then headed over to Bangsar's Nirwana for our yamcha session. Seriously hor, how come we are always the noisiest table around ar??? Because of me is it? =_='''''

Well Anna, I really hope that u did enjoy your 1 year in HELP with us. Take good care of yourself and I'll always remember you.

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