Monday, June 11, 2007

5 Mawar Gathering ^.^

Last month, Wendy and I don't know who had been planning to hold a 5 Mawar class gathering since everytime we go yamcha, confirm many will be missing in action.

So there it is, 5 Mawar class gathering on the 8th of June 2007.
Time is suppose to be 8pm sharp.

But you should have guessed la. PJ-rians are never punctual!!! =_='''

Pity me got to work overtime till 6 something, almost 7pm. Came back straight away bath and Teng arrived early pulak. And I... *ahem*.... *cough* *cough*... spent more than 15 minutes deciding on what to wear =_____=

I mean, I had already planned to wear long sleeve because it might be cold in the cinema at night. But I'm afraid that McD will be very hot. So, I can't decide whether to wear long sleeve or short sleeve with jacket =P

Girl ma.

So, that set us back for some time. Went over to Kelana lrt to pick up Florence and WaiMun and went straight to McD in Centre Point. However at sharp 8pm, Khoon Wah called me to ask whether we had arrived or not =_=''' Can you believe that they actually arrived at 8pm sharp???

They are not pure PJ-rians la.

So, I told them I'm already in Centre Point; the traffic lights in front of Centre Point! Hahahaha... Come on! They said 8pm reach Centre Point ma. We reached Centre Point's traffic lights at 8pm sharp ar XP We are punctual what! =P

Despite being 5 minutes late to reach McD, the 4 of us was the 2nd group to arrive. Then followed by Kher Li and Yoke Man.

The rest?

More than half an hour late!!! Some even came after 10pm!!!


But they are true PJ-rians la.

ShenLing, Pik Chee, Shin Shin, Yoke Man, Kher Li.

But the sad case is, each time we try to take group photos, definitely some jokers will be missing. Damn.

Suk Kwan -> Xiu Yuan -> WaiMun -> Florence

I didn't see Suk Kwan since we left Form 5 la. So, I am really excited when she came for the gathering. She's a super smart girl la. She got 4As for her STPM ok! Straight As! Moreover, she's 1 of the top athlete in my school. She sounds so perfect right?

Suk Kwan came together with lenglui Siok Kwan, Jo Weng and their friends. But they were seated downstairs. So, I went down to socialize chat with them.

I saw Ming Keat too. Actually, I don't know him and he don't know me either (we just realized that we look familiar to each other). But both of us pretended to know each other and talked like we have known each other for years. Hahahaha... good in acting yea?

While I got teased like mad by Jonathan (how come everywhere I go, sure got people tease me 1 ar?), there's this little boy who came, pulling Jon's shirt, asking him if he got lighter or not.


It happens to be this little boy's birthday. So, his family members brought him to McD to celebrate his birthday.

He's so cute. I even sang the birthday song along with them =D

But damn sad lor. That little boy brought a piece of cake over and offered it to Jon. Jon declined politely and he then offered it to Khoon Wah. What about me??? I sang bday song to u wo!!!


I know, in psychology that I learnt in foundation, it says that kids at that age are still not attracted to girls yet. In fact, some are even afraid of girls and bla bla bla...

But I still hoped that he'll offer the cake to me =x and then I'll decline politely saying, "it's ok boy =) you can enjoy it with your family" =D

He didn't even give me the chance to say those words T_T

Me and JiaMun.

Damn angry of JiaMun 1 lor. Forever so pretty!!! She's a nurse leh ;) can 'kau' those doctors d.
(Jin Kit... I didn't say anything =X don't poke me)

Some guys even came after work. It makes me happy because I knew that they, atleast, put in some effort to come for our class gathering.

It is super easy to spot me la. I wore a bright and striking pink shirt.

This is the closest group photo we got with almost everyone in it. Some MIA. Cis.

This is my darling. I called her darling and she called me dear since sec school! Hahahaha...

We both shared a similar name. Her name is Wong Wan San while I'm Wong Wan Yian ^.^ Teachers always asked if we both are related.

Although our names are quite close, our physical appearance is totally opposite! She's tall and slim, while I'm.... short and fat T_____________________T Unfair!!! Boycott!

Too bad Teng, YMan, KWah, XYuan and I have to leave the place early because we had already bought our movie tickets to watch Shrek 3. Movie time is suppose to be 11pm but we left the place at 11.10pm because we were SO reluctant to leave =( Who asked them to come late????

Shrek movie is so damn short la! And definitely not that nice compared to part 1 and 2. But atleast it's funny here and there la. I like the part where the Pinocchio did his reasoning without lying! Damn chun man. I liked that magician fella too! His robe is so short. Hahahaha.... So funny looking~

After movie the 5 of us went to ss2 Murni for supper at around 1am. Initially I wanted to eat roti tisu *yum* geh... they don't sell roti tisu there!!! Celaka sial! What kind of mamak is that that doesn't sell roti tisu? But I was hungry. So I had roti kosong only +_+

Reach home around 2.40am and Teng stayed over at my house (forgot to charge her money tim). Maybe because I don't get used to eat late supper, I had terrible gastric for the whole night ='( But I hate to eat medicine. So, I suffer in silence la what to do.

Teng said since she got to leave around 7 something, she said we both shall chat till morning

=A= U think I'm robot ar?

I was so tired (bcuz of work) for the whole day and almost fell asleep in cinema and yet u asked me to chat for whole night with you? Can die 1 u know! So the most I can tahan is till 5 something am.

That's my limit la Teng.

I started talking crap d by 5am because my brain seriously cannot function properly d la. Low battery.

Ampun la. Next time when I'm not working, confirm will chat with you for the whole night ok?

In my opinion, atleast the gathering is quite a success, with more than 20 people (out of 40 students) turned up. But the not-so-good part is that many came late simply because they refused to be the first to arrive =_=''' Come on, someone has to be the first to arrive right? Maybe because I don't like people who come more than half an hour late =P

But still, damn happy la to see all my friends again!!!

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