Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Unexpected Journey

Have you ever be in a situation where you wanted to do something crazy and you did it straight without giving much thought about it?

This is what I did with my cousin sister. We wanted to get away from the city and this idea came to us -> let's head to Port Dickson to watch sunset =)

So, off we went.

Started our journey around 3.35pm and it takes us about 1 and the half hour to reach PD. Lucky us as PD has pasar malam that time. So, we bought some food and drove across the road to park our car.

It's actually pretty relaxing by overlooking the sea and enjoying our food, accompanied by the sea breeze although the weather is pretty sunny today. Thank goodness I had my sunglasses and cap on =D

Also to avoid myself being photograph by paparazzi la XD Let me dream a bit la can mou???

There was a function on. That's why there are so many people at the beach.

Besides that, Port Dickson is also famous for its picnic spot. As my cousin was driving along the beach, I saw soooo many families picnicked at the beach with variety of food. I wished that I could join in because I was pretty hungry that time XP Damn thick skin I know...

As I was sitting over there, waiting for the sun to set, I noticed that there are banana boats available for people to play! Aiya... No need to go all the way to Redang Island to play d =P

The only different is 1 is crystal clear sea and the other is dirty-oily sea la =.='''

It was already 6.15pm and the sun is still high up in the sky. Unable to wait any longer, we decided to leave already because I did not want to raise any suspicion from my dad (and yes, obviously I did not tell him that I went to PD +_+ Don't want to die so early yet).

However, on the way back, I still managed to catch the sunset along the highway ^.^ and rainbow too!!! I'm very lucky lately I must say! (except for being jobless la XP)

I swear that I wanted to take photo of the sunset and the rainbow for you people to see but failed because I can see my reflection from the photos taken. Don't ask me to wind down the window to capture it because I won't!!!

Other cars might thought that I'm 1 mad lady.

So, all you people can do is to imagine la ^^ It's really darn beautiful ok! ;)

Now, I'm waiting for the next crazy thing to do while I'm still, oh well, jobless. Actually I had been enjoying myself very much during these 2 weeks of holidays ^.^ But, I feel that I should find a job asap so that I won't be spending my dad's money anymore. Very guilty la!!!


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