Saturday, May 12, 2007

This is the story of a girl...

6 years ago, there lived this young and innocent 14 years old girl, surrounded by people whom she truly care and love. Because of the that, she was extremely lack of self-awareness and tend to do many weird/unexpected things out of curiosity.

On top of that, teenagers at the age of 14 tend to do things without much consideration right? Yes? No?

Back to the story of this girl...

She loves her friends SO much that she hangout very often with them during the weekends, which includes this guy named W, whom she treated like her own brother. Best part of all is, each time without fails, he will be the 'torn among the roses' during those outings.

And their favorite hangout place? Pyramid.

So this girl went ice-skating with her buddies 1 fine day and while she was queuing to get her skates, she had a sudden infatuation with the young+handsome instructor behind the counter. Unbelievable isn't it?

In order to get to know this instructor and to get his attention, she forced asked her friends to go skating with her every weekend. She even came up with this 'very' brilliant idea! As guys tend to befriend faster with the same sex, she asked W to befriend with the instructor and shun pin ask him for his details.

The most embarrassing unbelievable thing that she did was to pretend to fall in front of the instructor because she knew that he will/surely/100%/confirm come to her aid =.=''''

(there's actually 1 Indian instructor who wanted to help her but she gave him a you-come-to-help-me-then-you'll-die-on-the-spot look, trying to stopping him from coming)

True enough, her prince charming came, asked how she was, and held her hand to pull her up. That was perhaps, the happiest moment in her life.

Since W had promised to help her to get to know that guy, W approached the instructor a couple of times when he's alone, asking for his personal info. After a couple of weeks, W told that girl that he felt like a gay/gigolo by doing all those stuffs and wanted to stop.

However, he did befriend with the instructor and he was finding a suitable time to intro the both of them without making it to look so damn obvious. Time passes and the instructor told W to join his classes and he promised to give him some free hours of skating *hint* *hint*

O_O Pls... don't tell me that all handsome guys are gay!!!

But in the end, both the girl and the instructor didn't manage to exchange numbers, just chatted for a couple of times before the instructor left. Still, this girl is very grateful to W for what he did and will remember it for life :)

Then, they went back to high school and resume with their studies. The girl and W went into different classes, studied in different buildings and thus, they seldom communicate like before. After high school, the girl stayed back in the city and entered into university while W flew to Russia to study medicine.

-The End-

After 2 years of not keeping in touch, God decided to let these 2 fellas to 'reunite' through human's greatest invention, the computer. Out of boredom, the girl randomly clicked into a blog, without realizing it was W's blog. She didn't notice and continued to read the story of a very very very old friend of his, asking for his help to get to know an ice skating instructor (6 years ago) =_=''' It was then the girl realized that it's her that he was talking about.

At least they both now have something to keep in touch with isn't it?

Happy Ending.

-The End-

Yealar...No matter how deceitfully I write, people would have noticed that the young and innocent girl is me T_T No point denying also. But hey Weeks, you didn't tell me that you went to Russia to study medic ok! I got to know it from someone 3 years ago *grin* Time flies eh? 6 years ago you willingly accompany me to do such crazy things but it was memorable isn't it? Seeing that you still blog about it 6 years later =P It's fated that I stumbled upon your blog and caught you red-handed for telling my most embarrassing secret to your friends!

But it's ok, I'm telling the whole world now hahahahaha...

Come to think of it, I'm glad that I had a wonderful childhood and teenage life! I'm aging now Weeks. I'm not longer that energetic and crazy like before =( You still remember Hui Teng? On and off I still do crazy stuffs with her and secondary friends just like we used to =D No no no... No more kau chais la!!! =)

Eh Weeks, 10 years later when I see doctor is it free??? XD

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