Monday, May 28, 2007

Sungei Wang and Movie

I find it weird when Florence asked me out of a sudden to Sungei Wang yesterday with the reason to accompany her to buy 'something' from there.

Our outing was later joined by Wai Mun, with the same reason too -> to buy 'something' from there. Why wanna be so secretive huh?

So as usual, we took lrt and then switch to KL monorail in order to reach to our destination. Sg Wang, being the hotspot, has many functions on that day such as games and free passes to Hacken Lee's concert or something, a few local artistes came to promote the local drama "Sky" and etc (which I don't bother to know what is was).

So, actually both Florence and Wai Mun's mission is to buy lots of cosmetics from Elianto because they were having Roadshow is Sungei Wang!!!!!!!!!!

If you purchase RM80 and above you can get FREE either:-
  • Make over & Nail Art
  • Entry to make-over contest (compete for most photogenic and best make-up)
  • Nail Art
  • cosmetic pouch
  • 3D Lipstick
No wonder she didn't tell me her purpose of coming because she knew that I'll be spending a lot of money again before I got my salary!!!!!!

And evil Florence, she don't let me buy anything from there. Not even a mascara T_T

It's a torture to see the both of them buying so happily while me... standing beside them, telling them which is good and what to buy. How pathetic.

Florence spent a total of RM110 while Wai Mun spent only RM 70+. Thank goodness I bought a facial scrub from there (got a deadly stare from Flo =_=''') and added it into WMun's bill. So, WMun got a total of RM80+.

Both of them actually wanted me to join the make over contest =_='''''''''''''''''''''

But they failed to persuade me because I knew that it's rather impossible that I'll win! Hahahaha... Moreover, I'm not the one who spent RM80 and above. So, I definitely don't deserve to redeem the first choice.

So, both of them took the alternative (because I refused to take part) and Florence gave me the free nail art because her work doesn't allow her to polish her nails.


Getting my nails done by a girl named Yuki.

She picked the color for me. A bit too dark for my liking though. Something actually happened but I don't want to mention it here. But I must say that my nail art is suppose to be nicer than that!!!

Long time didn't see WMun liao. Love her skin and her healthy hair!!!

Had our lunch at Madam Wong, which I claimed that it was opened by my mum =_='' I had Island Chicken with rice which is quite delicious!!! You people should go and try. It's located beside the arcade.

I think the chef is confessing his love to me. Look at the cute egg =P Joking only la...

Seems like Florence really like my make up on that day ^.^ She kept praising how nice it is. You know, to actually get praises from Florence is super duper hard 1 ok!

It's actually just some simple make up la. Simply apply only lor.

Lady in green.
(The color didn't really show in the pic because I took it after the outing and also the bad lighting)

For eye shadow, I used white as base. Mixed yellow and green to create the combination look =) Because I created a striking eyes, I used natural color for my blusher and lip so that I won't look like a whore =_='''

Why am I telling this eh? Weird.

Suddenly I'm so interested in teaching people how to apply make up =P But I'm still not that good in it =/

Anyhow, I kinda addicted to manicure la now!!! Sigh. I get influenced so easily T_T Maybe DIY manicure la what to do. Save money ma =P

It was a fun outing la because everywhere is having sales now! What a waste that I haven't get my salary yet T_T So, I just myself a scrub and 2 pairs of earrings! Great bargain wei!

2 pairs for RM10!

And it's really big although it doesn't seems convincing in the photo =.= Tell me, where can I get 2 huge earrings for RM10 other than in Sg Wang? I actually wanted to buy a Persian cat necklace over there, which I had been eyeing on few months back.

So sad that it's no longer there T________________T

Lesson learnt: If you like something very much, buy it on the spot! (make sure that u can afford also la) If not when it's gone, don't regret.

Too late for me.

That night when I got home, I went to One Utama to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with my family =) Promised to watch with them d ma. Cannot break my promise 1 right? Watched till midnight, that's why I felt so sleepy in my office.


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