Saturday, May 26, 2007

Still Considering...

There's a question that I would like to ask.

Do you believe that there are people who have '3rd eye'? You know, that kind of eyes that enable you to see those 'dirty' things?

I have been thinking about it lately. I absolutely believe there's such thing as 3rd eye and I heard from my friends that all of us have, only that it's shut. Most amazing thing is, you can find some medium to 'open' or unseal the eyes for you.

I'm seriously considering about it.

But the problem is, my friends said that once it's unsealed, you can't seal it back. That's the biggest dilemma I'm facing. So what if I got really freaked out and regretted for 'opening' my 3rd eye?

Everything will be too late.

Shit. Really don't know whether I should or not =_='''

I have lots to say actually. But I can't remember what it is d after watching Music Station (and it's only half an hour!). Sigh. My memory is deteriorating man!!!

P/s - Sorry friends that I can't join you all for Pirates of the Caribbean because I've promised to go with someone. Too bad. Promised to watch Shrek 3 with Teng d. Thousand apologies! Erm... next next next time k? XP

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