Wednesday, May 09, 2007


(On the way back to Seremban)

Grandma: I didn't sleep well yesterday night.

Dad: Why?

Grandma: I was disturbed from my sleep yesterday night. The same thing happened.

Dad: Sure or not?

Me: What is it?

Grandma: Yea, someone kept knocking on my room door vigorously.

Dad: U mean, 'dad' came back? Maybe you are just dreaming or might be Yati (maid) leh?

Me: .....

Grandma: Impossible! Someone IS knocking on the door for sure! Yati will be so free to knock on the door ar? She'll be sleeping like a p** la.

Me: .....

Dad: Hahahahaha.... Maybe 'dad' came back to see you.

Grandma: Not once ok! It has been on for many nights at around 4 something am. I want to go to toilet to pee also don't dare.

Me: ......

(Dad turned to look at me. Smiling. Assuming that I was freaked out because I remained silence all the time)

Me: What??? I find it rather interesting la =D

Dad: =_=''''

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