Friday, May 04, 2007

[Edited] Short Notice:

Sim Wei asked me to pass this message to the girls and guys who will be attending her birthday bash on the 19th.

Sim Wei: The dress code for the girls would be skirts + make up!!! For the guys is pyjamas!!!


I don't know whether she's serious or not lor!!! Steamboat party wo. Wear skirts is ok so that we won't feel hot BUT, make up???? Confirm melt lor... =_='''

But when I thought it's bad for us girls... darn wrong! I laughed my arse off when I heard about the guys' dress code!!!

Seriously, I want to see those guys in pyjamas la!!! Good idea Sim Wei ;) Can't wait for your birthday party d~

On another case, she make it clear that she don't want expensive and too many presents like Eelian's birthday. So, she asked us to share and get her 1 present is more than enough. I guess we just have to pay to Eelian or Anna =)

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