Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Short Notice:

Eelian: Dress for the girls would be skirts+make up (unchanged). For guys is shorts!

Money can be paid to either Eelian or Anna on that day itself and everyone shall share for 1 present! ;)

Please pass this on.

Phan, you tell your gang ok? MYoong, you tell Jordan & Sylvia while Daniel, you tell your cousin brother la ya because he said he won't be free to online nowadays. Hahaha...help me to save some credits ler =P

I'll inform LiLee once she's back from Thailand. Haha.. if she's in Malaysia, she'll be reading this and don't need me to call her T_T So miss her ler...

Erm... problem now is, did I miss anyone out? =.='''

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