Thursday, May 03, 2007

Prelude of the Redang Trip

I still haven't gotten all the photos from YHui and Eelian but my hands were already itchy and so wanted to blog about the Redang trip!!!

Eelian was so kind that she actually emailed 8 group photos (only 8?=_=''') to us and don't ask me why =.=''' I'm curious too...

So, here are my favorite photos ^.^

Our first day in Redang. The best thing to go for trip with friends is that you get to see 'things' that you normally don't get to see in college. Look at Timmy and Chong's hair!!! Pertama kali takde spike!!! XD

Our second day in Redang at the More More Tea Inn, where the stupid movie by Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren took place.

My favorite photo!!! Taken by Eelian.

Actually my favorite photo would be the 1 taken in front of somebody's chalet (the 1 that we somehow formed into a circle 1 leh). It's really nice but I think it's either in Eelian or YHui's camera T_T

Omg... May 19th! Faster come!!! It's the day where we are going to get all the photos that we are waiting for ^.^ CAN'T WAIT LIAO!!!

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