Thursday, May 03, 2007

Movie + Yamcha = Fun

It's 2.25am and I just reached home for like....5 minutes ago?

I actually had movie outing today with my college friends in One Utama.

The main organizer is suppose to be Sim Wei but since she don't know about this and that, it somehow, had switched to me being the organizer. In order to be secure of getting the tickets, I went to One Utama in the afternoon to purchase the tickets and met a few friends over there.

Because I was queuing alone, they friends though I was so sad to watch movie alone =_=''' I was totally alright while queuing but after listening to what she said, I started to pity myself lor T_T


Oh, I forgot to mention which movie we are watching =P Here, we watched this today...

Spirit of the Victim ^.^

Argh!!! I want to explain about my lateness!!! (yea..I know many won't be reading my blog but oh well, atleast I do my part to explain ;p)

First, I was suppose to leave my house at 8.15pm (movie's at 9.20pm) but I can't because Sim Wei told me that she'll be home after 8.30pm. So, I left my house at 8.30pm, picked her up and on my way to One Utama.

SUDDENLY, my brother called!!! He asked me to go home to fetch him because his friend will be late (his movie's at 10pm) =_=''' Since I don't have a choice, I went back home to pick him up. Worse of all is.... I have to fetch his friend as well!!!

T_T Damn malang wei...

When I thought that everything will be fine after picking up my brother's friend (time: 9.05pm), I was damn wrong!

Terrible jam at Taman Tun =.='''

From that time onwards, my phone kept having incoming calls and smses. Sorry la people!!! Ngor dou em siong gah... Terribly sorry wei!

So, in order to save time, I handed over the car to my bro to find parking and came out later to get the car key. So, movie time is suppose to be 9.20pm but I reached around 9.30pm =_=''' Thank goodness movies always start late! If not, ultimate guilty d.

Paiseh la for causing Chong, Timmy, Ainul, Daniel, Ken and YHui to wait for us at the entrance. Heck, I thought of going there early to buy mascara 1 (aiks...If Teng or Florence read this, sure kena from them d XP). So, takdir la God don't want me to buy so many mascaras T_T

I was hoping to buy Unstoppable at Guardian (promo now la! RM19.88 only!!!) and the new Unstoppable Shiny Black from Sasa (promo too!! RM23.90). And *ahem* to have a glimpse of my dream Deja Vu mascara ^.^

Too bad. Bro spoilt my plan. Must ask him to buy me 1 mascara d!!!

Oh, I pity Phan! He smsed me around 6 something to inform me that he can't come but will still pay me money for the ticket because he don't have transport as Chong stayed overnight at his aunt's house in Tropicana.

Too bad la Phan ;) But I bet you will be there with us mentally right??? Oh please, stop those jokes about he imagining me can mou??? +_+

About the movie, not bad actually (I'm comparing between the #$&!@*% Haunted Spirit with this Spirit of the Victim). Atleast it managed to scare YHui, Ken and Timmy throughout the 2 hours show! Hahahahaha...

I tell you, the moment YHui screamed, all I can do is laugh XD It's hilarious and I don't know why! Each time the ghost appears, confirm got people laugh 1. Apart from the confusing storyline, the movie is ok. (the main actress look a bit like Amber Chia =_=''' her thick lips I guess)

After movie, 11.35pm and it's darn early!!! Timmy and Ainul went home while the rest of us went to blow water Chui Chui Sui Cafe in ss2; which is called Island Cafe in English. Had some good food, drinks and conversation over there =D

I even met Yi Ying in Island cafe (I forgot the rest of the names la =_='''). She's my good friend back then and I got to know her from tuition centre. Imagine, 1 from Taman SEA school and the other from Catholic High School and we are good friends! Awww.... I remembered those sweet memories I had with you and the rest. Those were the good times.

During the yamcha session, I tried to persuade Ken to reveal his *ahem* secret but to no avail =/ So shy for what la dude? I dare to tell, why you don't dare leh? And no YHui, what MYoong said is definitely not true ok!!!

Either Daniel or Chong said that Phan is the lady dancing in the movie XD Hahahahaha.... And then they proceed to say that Phan will imagine me, again =_=''' za dou... Well, I must admit that the unexpected statement comes from Daniel where he said that Ken's dad is very good looking.

Causes me to laugh and cough like mad.

I mean, I didn't expect people to compliment someone's dad instead of that person itself you see. Good joke! I'm lovin' it!!!

Another thing is, I'm sorry for coughing throughout the whole yamcha session. Paiseh ar... spread bird flu to you all pula =P Medical bill I pay ok. Choi choi choiiiiii!!!

Okler... It's late now and I better play some games and off to sleep. It will always be a great day when you are with great people =)


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