Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mind Your Own Business La!

It's really frustrating when people nowadays keep asking me whether I have bf or not.

Then I 'politely' (as politely as I could =_=''') ask them back...


It is seriously f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g. So what if I don't have 1 now? 1 joker even said, "oh, I pity u".

*BOOM* There goes my temper.

You can imagine how I shoot that joker 9 9 until he got to apologize to me 2 nights straight (I didn't use any vulgarity on him ok! I used reasoning cuz I'm....... a good girl! *blush*)

I mean, u pity me for what? Pity me for what? Pity me for what huh???

Another thing is, people like to talk about sex to me nowadays *sweat* and simply assume that I ain't a virgin *double the sweat* Is now the sex season ar??? Why out of a sudden so many people behave that way?

Most importantly is... I look like that type of girl meh???
(Please don't answer that question. I scared that I can't accept the truth =.=)

All I can do is not to layan them and pretend to be away ^.^

Girls, beware of guys nowadays because I think the sex season is now on. Or this season is all year round? =_='''

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