Sunday, May 27, 2007

Long Lost Friends

Since Ee Lian still hasn't pass me any photos for Sim Wei's birthday, I might as well skip that entry first and blog about my outing with my tuition friends.

The day started off quite badly. I woke up late because of the FA cup final and chatting away in MSN on the night before. But because I set my alarm 45 mins earlier (I woke up half an hour late) and since I'll be driving, I can still take my own sweet time to bath and wash my hair.

Big mistake!

Dad actually forgot that I need to use the car and he went to Sungei Wang with my brother. Thank goodness I quickly called Gik Mun and asked her to pick me up from Kelana lrt station since she'll be using LDP highway to 1u.

She's my savior la, eventhough I have to walk for half an hour to the lrt station and smelling sweaty after that.

Our actual plan is to have lunch together and catch a movie (Blades of Glory) on that day. However, during our lunch at Secret Recipe, we totally forgot about our plan and we chatted for more than 2 hours there!!! (because it has been 5-6 years since we last hangout together!)What also talk. From our current life to our friends, to sex and even abortion! =_='''

In Secret Recipe *yummy*

Both of them had changed so much since I last saw them. Back then, they had shoulder length hair and both looked like small kids (they both were a year younger than me T_T PTS students ma. Felt blardy old out of a sudden). But now, they have grown up to be a lady d.

Time flies. All of us had changed so much in appearance. However, the only thing that we didn't change much would be our friendship! ;) I was closed to the both of them before they left our tuition centre. After that, Yi Ying and her friends are my new close tuition buddies.

Since we skipped movie part, we went shopping around and that's when I bought my Deja Vu mascara =P One Utama on that Sunday have many activities such as the Aerospace ambassador pageant or something, Sony exhibition where this year's Astro Talent Quest contestants came to perform and etc. (the Aerospace pageant is the most pariah pageant I've ever witness lor)

The 3 of us actually stop to watch the Astro contestants to perform at first floor; the event was held at ground floor. Heck, I admit that our main purpose is not to listen to the contestants but rather to kap chais instead. Yeah, they got influenced by me I guess (which I hope it's not) and I saw a very good looking guy in all white. Fulamak, macam saya punya prince charming wei!!!

Actually, it's pretty embarrassing for us. We thought the camera won't be able to get us since we are standing at the first floor (corner) but directly facing the camera and my prince charming. 3 of us kept giggling while scanning for more leng chais and we even laughed at the contestants. Later only we realized that the position that we are standing, can actually see us la!!!

Then 2 hours ago, Gik Mun smsed me to inform me that she saw us on tv, Channel 19, a show hosted by Andrew and Jojo =_='''

Seriously speechless.

Thank goodness it's only for a few seconds and cannot see our face clearly.

If not, I don't know where to hide my face d. I like the place where we are standing because I can kap directly at my prince charming without looking obvious. Oh, did I say that my prince charming is 1 of the contestant? Got this info from GMun too ^.^

Although it's embarrassing la but atleast, I get to appear on tv T____T I'm trying very hard now to console myself ok!

Still it's very memalukan la...

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