Friday, May 25, 2007

Kind Malaysians

I am damn happy and excited la!!!


Finally, I bought something that I had always wanted in a looooong time!

It's Deja Vu mascara!!! XD Happy till cannot sleep ar~~~
And I shun pin got myself the latest Maybelline Unstoppable shiny black mascara too!

Double the joy, double the happiness!!!

But I am now officially broke la. Time to eat bread and drink water for lunch liao T_T

Atleast I'm a step closer in fulfilling my wishlist ^.^

The satisfaction that I got is worth more than that. Actually I just wanted to buy something to reward myself =P I'm such a mascara freak. Sigh.

A couple of days ago, dad told me that he was driving along the highway and his car ran over a metal rod, causing his car tyre to puncture. He didn't notice anything amiss and continued driving, until he felt that the steering was pretty hard to control and many cars were signaling to him.

He pulled his car to the side to check his tyre. And bingo! His car tyre was punctured. When he was about to get a spare tyre from the boot, a car stopped and a young boy came out to help my dad to change the tyre!!!

What I'm trying to say is, there are actually many kind Malaysians out there. ^.^

Last year, brother and I was at the HELP's car park after class and while on our way to get our car, my brother saw his friend's car tyre punctured. And she looked damn lost and worried. My brother, being him, decided to pretend that he didn't see anything and asked me to walked faster so that she wouldn't have notice us.

But being me, I can't do it. I scolded my brother for not being a gentleman and forced him to help his friend to change the tyre. And he did.

Worse of all is, it rained earlier and therefore, her tyre was covered in mud =_=''' And my bro cut his finger while changing it, a deep 1. So, I got him a plaster and... I changed the tyre on his behalf!!! And I'm wearing a white jacket that time!

It was my first time changing tyre and I have 0 knowledge in changing tyre because I skipped bengkel lecture (before undang test) last time. So, I tried my best to change the tyre and guess what my brother's friend was doing...

She was chatting with her friend on the phone!!!


Damn em song ok! But since I am the 1 who got myself into this for being "kind", I ignored her and proceeded to complete my "task". But to be honest here, I find her being too much. I don't even know her, but offered myself to help her, getting my hands and jacket dirty just to help her but all she did was chatting on the phone!!! Leaving everything to bro and I to fix.

Girls out there, I know that some girls might think that this kind of work should leave it to guys to do because, well, they are guys! But come on man, takkan you don't help at all right? Moreover when I'm doing the work, the owner of the car should atleast help out a bit isn't it? I'm a girl ok! Unless she treats me as a guy la =_='''

Don't rely everything on guys la. Girls should be tough and independent at times.

Actually my point is... I am 1 of the kind Malaysian out there!!!

Damn perasaan I know.

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