Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I've Watched Spiderman 3!!!

I am so excited! After 10 hours, I am still very excited!

Something is wrong with me =_='''

Watched this today!

Because today was a public holiday, 1u's GSC is packed with human!!! Another reason might be because today, coincidently, is the first day of screening for Spiderman 3 movie ;) Today there are SO MANY CUTE CUTE babies too!!! I *ahem* molested a few and their parents are pretty happy bout it ^.^ Babies are just so adorable isn't it?

Although we had already booked the tickets 2 days earlier, we still have to queue for almost half an hour just to get our tickets!!! They even put up a notice informing us that today's screening for Spiderman from morning till midnight is all sold out!!!

Holy cow!

For a moment, I feel like hugging Teng to thank her for booking the tickets online *hug* *hug*

No worries people, don't need to click on the red "x" on the top right of the page because I ain't gonna tell you about the Spiderman story. But 2 words to describe the movie, super nice la can!!!

Let me tell you secretly la. I like the 'goblin' fella ler XP He's really handsome and when he smile, omg, sibeh cute leh!!! *cough* *cough* I need to control myself =_='''

Ohya, guess what, I even bump into Ben and his gf in the cinema! He was seated few rows behind me but we didn't chat much though because my friends were walking out the cinema already. But still, what a small world isn't it?

My aunts and cousins were shopping in 1u and they spotted me as well! Thank goodness I wasn't with a guy =_=''' If not, got to bribe them d. Saw ChinHowe and MingShing too! Oh well, I don't call 1u as my second home for nothing =)

Here are a few photos that we took today ^.^

Florence and Yoke Man. They are my best buddies!!! Guess what, Florence's hair looks like she went for perming rite? WRONG!!! She actually wax it herself! Damn chun!!!

My antique friend, Teng. Florence gave us souvenirs from Australia =P But that koala bear isn't for me T_T I requested for a real 1 but she didn't get it for me. WHY???? Evil u...

In order to test how good Florence is in hair styling, we asked her to demo her skills in the..... toilet. Model: HuiTeng

Me la duh!!! Sien ma while waiting =P

Ta-daa~~ Look at Teng's hair!!! Damn nice isn't it??? I've learned how to style it from Florence. Now, who's gonna be my guinea pig? (Yer Teng...ur shirt very perasaan la =_=''')

YMan said she wanted to be the beauty queen. Wait, my position means that I'm the 2nd runner up is it? T_T

After the movie, we went for shopping and Teng was tempted by Florence to buy hair wax. Lucky her! There's discount at Watson and she bought it for only RM13.90!!! What a great bargain!

I purposely enter Sasa shop just to have a glimpse of a mascara that I had been eyeing on since last year! So sad is, after so many months, I still didn't save enough money to buy it ='( I sucked in saving money.

RM49 la!!! So expensive for what??? I admit that I love mascara a lot! I just don't know why =_='''

After that, I left the girls to have my family dinner as I have relatives from Singapore and they'll be leaving by tomorrow. However, I went back to join them yamcha at Wong Kok Char Chan Theng in ss2 ;) Must chit-chat 1 ma!!!

I don't know what's that chocolate thingy that they ordered +_+

But I ordered the Stocking Milk Tea Hong Kong style =_=''' What a long name. Cannot order cold drink T_T If not, I'll be coughing like mad d. Spreading bird flu to the people over there lor
(notice: I've changed my clothes =P)

We ordered Chocolate Fondue too!! And it's super yummy!! But it ain't cheap =|

I really had a great day today because it has been a loooong time since I meet up with them. Doesn't matter if it's just a few of us because we can really chat/talk about our current life!!! Ohya girls, CHowe called me the moment I came home to ask us out yamcha with the guys. Too bad, he's a few minutes late =P

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