Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fond Memories

My holidays so far has been nothing but great!

Besides my trip to Redang, I too, went to Ipoh, Port Dickson and Seremban. And of course, lots and lots of outings with my loved ones ;)

By the way, can anyone print money for me ar? T.T Sell kidney to support me financially also can ^^ I promise to give you 5 minutes of my unique laughter in return la ok? ok? ok?

F***!!! Who threw tomato at me???

Cut the crap la. I bet most of my friends already knew that I'm a Hainanese isn't it? (and I'm proud of it because I'm a few of those younger generations who can speak the language =P)

Due to the "birthday" of 1 of the Hainanese God, the Hainanese Association in Seremban will, as usual, held a grand dinner to celebrate this auspicious day. Coincidently, it was my daddy's birthday too! Double to joy!

It has been many years since I join in for this dinner. Want to know why ar? =_=''''''''

All uncle-aunties, grandpas-grandmas la!!! Generation gap wei! Generation gap!!!

That pretty much explains why I am reluctant to go every year.

Since I am on holidays now, I have no reason not to go this time T.T And yea, true enough, all the people attended are 40 years and above. Sigh. Damn sad I know. And when I agreed to go, dad told me that it'll be held at the association this year, not at the restaurant that they used to have every year T_T Purposely 1 izzit?

Talk about the food. Urgh! I didn't enjoy it very much =( Tasteless, chicken not that cooked, roast chicken not that roasted, and etc.

But there are something that I like very much... which is the people there! It's nice to be able to meet back my neighbors that used to live in Bukit Tembok with us many many years ago. Everyone had changed A LOT! Couldn't recognize most of them d.

But how come they can recognize me ar???

I felt very much at home when I'm there with the people I knew and they do not call me Wan Yian or Ah Yian ok! They call me.... *cough*....*ahem*.... *blush*.....*paiseh*....

Mei mei. ^.^


I mean, cute what isn't it? I felt like I'm 10 years younger leh! Happy~ Happy~ But I do admit that I am a little embarrass being called that name la after so many years. Every person that I know in Seremban calls me 'mei mei' ok!

Actually I think they called me 'mei mei' back then is because.... I was a ugly duckling when I was little T_T So, maybe they hoped that by calling me 'mei mei' (pretty) will make me a little prettier??? Tai lou..... the spell didn't work la =_='''

Can you see that stage in the middle? Awww~~ That brings back some fond memories.

Back then, this Hainanese Association was very happening and held many many good and famous Chinese Opera. Remember? Those 'tuk tuk chiang...tuk tuk tuk tuk chiang chiang chiang' (whatever how many tuks and chiangs there are la!) show? But in Hainanese style la =P

I remembered being forced by my grandparent to accompany them to watch it because they often have extra tickets. They refused to bring my elder bro because he is wayyyy too naughty and active to sit there quietly for 2-3 hours. There's once my bro climb up to the stage in the middle of the show ok!

And of course, each time without fail, I'll give my grandparent a I'm-angry-because-u-forced-me-to-come look throughout the show. Still small ma =P Then they'll bribe me with my favorite margarine bread and I'll be sitting there quietly, staring blankly at the people on stage or dozing off.

That time I was only in kindergarten. And I was quite afraid of those performers because of their heavy make ups. I asked grandma why they looked like that and she said it's all make ups. She then said that it's normal because all adults do make up.

I almost cried thinking that I have to draw my face like that when I grow up. I wished I had never grown up then.

Stupid and naive la I know. Kindergarten only la hello!!! Omg...I rhymed! =D

Not bad la overall. It's like some old friends gathering after 10 years of not seeing each other ;) DAMN!! It's already 5.30am!!! Better off to sleep!

p/s - I noticed that I had been blogging everyday!!! Must cut down d la =_='''

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