Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dating Vows

Mr XXX, do you take me as your gf, promise...

- to care and share the good and hard times with me
- to tolerate my terrible mood swing
- to listen to my nonsense
- to accept me for being a thinker rather than a feeler
- to still love me eventhough I will love my friends more than you
- to endure my nagging
- to accept me for being super stubborn
- to still love me because I won't be dependant on you
- love me even if I were to embarrass you
- to accept my manja-ness
- to accept my unique laughter
- to still love me even when I ignore you because I'm in the bad mood
- not to scold and be fierce to me
- not to call me everyday and request to see me everyday
- not to say that I look better last time than now
- to be there for me when I need someone to talk to
- to lend me a shoulder to cry on
- to hold me tight when I felt insecure
- to accept me because (like many people said), I'm very different from other people
- to accept me for being a baby molester
- to accept me when I go crazy over cute animals
- to accept my lanci-ness at times
- to accept me who talks about justice and fairness all the time

Most importantly, if you can accept me for who I am.

'Fill in your answer here'.

Who says paktho is an easy job? =x

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