Sunday, May 20, 2007

Confession Of My Laziness

Sometimes life is weird.

When I'm on holidays, my schedule isn't that tight although I do go out pretty often with friends.

BUT WHY when I started working, more and more people asking me out huh???
Damn tiring 1 lor. Can die 1 you know.

Out of a sudden, so many people asked me out for yamchas. Then I got birthday party to attend, followed by shopping on the next day. Then more outings on queue and also 5 Mawar gathering. Oh, not to forget Jordan's house warming too. And some dinners with some fellas.


This kind of things also got peak season 1 ka?

I got to work 5 days a week la. Because I didn't have enough sleep lately, I'm not in my usual hyper mode. Yea, put all the blames on my unhealthy lifestyles! Before I started working, I sleep around 5-7 am every night!!! So when I was asked to start work on the following day, I just couldn't adjust back my sleeping hour back to the normal hour.

That's why every night I get 3-4 hours of sleepy only. For 1 week already mind you.

You might ask me to reject some of the outings so that I can get some good rest at home. But then hor, I love my friends too much that I wanted to see them more often! =P That's why it's hard for me to reject.

But yet, I did put in all my energy and my hyper mode were 'switched on' during Sim Wei's party la. So, at least I enjoyed myself that night *wink* If I keep quiet, people will start to comment on me d =.='''

But her party used up most of my reserved energy la. Then the following morning, I got to get out of bed early to meet up with my tuition friends whom I hasn't meet for like 5-6 years? That one no matter what also must go even if I have to drag my half dead body all the way to 1 Utama.

Next week I want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean la!!! The following week, I want to watch Shrek 3 too!!! Oh damn. So many things, so little time.

But friends, please, do remember to remind me about our outings, dinners, yamchas n etc la can? My memory cannot store more than 1G la +_+ Too tired to even think.

Now that I finally got hold of all the Redang and outing photos, I'm just waiting for right time and mood to blog about it. Well, to be honest here, I might not blog about it too. Too tired to think and no time to blog. Or I might be the last person among our friends to blog about it.

Don't know la. See how la then. All start to pray that I manage to adjust back to my normal sleeping hour, mood back to normal, brain can function properly, my sense of humor to come back and not too busy with outings. Then, confirm I'll write a nice entry for you all to read ^.^

I'm very ma fun la I know T_T No bf to manja. Manja kat kawan lor =P Teng, you all will let me manja 1 right? Wahahahahaha.....

So now, let me kaotim all the photos first. Then I roughly need have an idea on what to write and got to click on my 'refresh' button to reminisce about my trip and outings.

Don't worry. I won't blog on every single outing that I went la. Just those special and memorable ones. Depends on my mood also.

It seems like my style of blogging is no longer funny like it used to be back then =/ I seldom type in bahasa rojak too. It's because now I have more bastards with superb English reading my blog now (paiseh ma). But still, I refused to re-edit my entry when I spotted some spelling or grammatical error after I have posted it. Too lazy la. As long as you people understand what I'm trying to say then eh sai lor. Haha... I just type out what I wanted to say (at fast speed), without checking back on what I've typed (thus those errors made).

(I bet people who read blogs wanted something not too formal and with too many complicated words right? That's why I write in broken Eng (on purpose) at times. Just want people to enjoy reading my blog) <---all my own assumption =_='''

See!!! I damn sayang you all. Faster sayang me back XD


You know what I wanted to say d.



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