Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wa Tak Faham!!!

I just have to blog about something today. I am SO DAMN BORED and TIRED of doing Stats. I need something to do other than sitting on my study table.

If so, let me tell u a bit about things that I hated about guys lately (or maybe long time ago?)

I was actually chatting with a friend (call him X la in order to protect his identity & his image) and he telling me why he can't impress the girl that he likes...

The conversation went something like this..

X: I like her very much but it seems like she doesn't like me in return. Why ar?

Me:'s hard to say when it comes to 'feelings' u see. Well, did u do anything wrong to her?

X: No la of course!!! All I did to get her attention is by teasing her...

Me: =.= How did u tease her la? Make sure u tease her the 'right' way la...

X: Wah.. tease ppl also got 'wrong' and 'right' way?

Me: DUH!!!! What the heck? U think u simply talk shit to embarrass her and expect her to be impress in return?

X: Then what are the right and wrong ways of teasing la?

Me: Erm, hard to say. Depends on individuals. To me, the right way of teasing is something that I can't laugh it off and I won't take it to my heart. The wrong way is definitely something that I felt embarrass and can't forget it easily.

X: I... always teased her height(short) and weight(fat)...

Me: Omg... =_=''' and u seriously expect her to be so-in-love with u after that? I know guys always do such thing and I find it super duper silly.

X: How ar lidet?? Sifu...teach me a bit la...

Me: I also dunno the girl u like also. Well, if she's that 'cincai' type of person, then u can still make amends la by doing the 'right' things now. If that girl is someone like me, then no hope d la u. To me, when the impression is bad, I DIE ALSO WON'T CONSIDER him in my life. I'm that firm lor..

X: T_T U make it sounds like there's no turning back d for what I did. Now I just hoped that I can still do something to change the way she thinks of me. I seriously thought that girls will like it because I'm getting her attention.

Me: That's what u guys think la. Always make stupid assumption. If there's a person kept saying that u are ugly, u will like her even though u know that she's joking? I don't why I felt angry for the behalf of the girl that u like =_='''


I don't know about others but I find that most guys that I know always do such thing to get a girl's attention. I mean, if u want to impress her or what, there are many other way isn't it?

Smart fella will know that they can say and tease about anything EXCEPT for...

a girl's outer appearance.

If we put ourselves into that girl's situation, a guy kept teasing about your height, weight, look and etc, will u like him ar? If he embarrass u in front of many people by saying that u are short/pimply face/fat/big mouth/African hair (or anything u can think of), u like it or not???

For me, I don't slap him (I exaggerated on this part) also give him face d. Want me to like him in return? Go fly kite.. I mean, I won't get angry or take it to my heart la but, I really won't like such guy to consider him as a potential partner lor.

Well of course, there might be some girls out there that doesn't mind and will like them in return la. I don't know... @_@

So, tips of the day for guys is... if u want to impress girls, it's easy!!!

'Just treat them like a girl'.

If u get what I mean, then good. If no, please go and live in the jungle.

Another thing that I realized but don't understand is... why guys criticize the girls they like in front of their friends ar? There are countless times where I have seen such situation. For example, during some yamcha sessions, my friend will say that they liked a girl in their working place/college. And when ppl asked if she's hot or pretty, 90% they'll criticize 1 lor.

Expected answer would be, "noler... she's not pretty/she's fat/she's short n etc".

What the??? Cannot say that 'she's pretty' or at least, 'she's just a normal girl' 1 meh??!! Say something nice la such as 'she has a great sense of humor', 'she's smart' or 'she has great smiles that brighten up my life'.

Come to think of it, if she's ugly, short, fat, pimply face and etc that makes u wanna criticize her, then why did u like her in the first place??? It doesn't make sense right? I always ask them back this question whenever they say such thing and then only, they say something nice in return.

Seriously no offense to guys la. But there are times where I don't understand why they behave such ways lor and no, I am NOT angry or feeling pissed now. I just don't understand and wanted to write it out. If they are so egoistic and want 'face' so much, u think girls don't need?

Respect is all that matters.

Sometimes, in order to tackle girls, u need to think before u talk or behave. Most importantly is, treat her like a girl and not your 'heng tai' (guy buddy) ok! Those who became your 'heng tai' can hardly be your gf because they either treat u as their big bro or younger bro lor.

Well, at least that applies to me la XP

That's why when W confessed, I was like, "=_=''''''''''''''''' I treat him like a brother only wo". U know how he treats me all this while? Exactly the way he treats his buddies. He always teased me around, debate in many things, argue, and etc. Wah...after so many years of treating me like a guy instead of a girl, he expect me to like him in return? I mean, we both are good friends.

Can't imagine myself to paktho with him man. Wahhhh....geli wei~~

Become 'heng tai' or 'chee mui' (girl buddy) with him can la. He asked if he were to treat me differently back then, will I consider him. My answer was, "Probably!" Sometimes when you drag for too long to confess, the chances will be very low d ler.

Now, here's a test. Imagine yourself to go with a guy whom u have known for a long time or someone that teased u countless times. He got chance mou???

My answer is definitely a NO!!! xD

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