Saturday, April 28, 2007


Since I've just came back from Redang, life hasn't been the same anymore.

Back then, my weight used to fluctuates A LOT!!! That's why there are many stretch marks on my body. But now...

My skin tone fluctuates. That explains why there are so many freckles on my hand as I used to be active in sports =(

It's like this month I might have Snow White's skin and then the following month, I look like Kolo Toure =_=''' Yealar, maybe not that dark until people start to question my ethnic.

But things changed when I came back from Redang.

My family were shocked to see the 'new' me. And when my relative from Singapore came to visit us, she asked my grandmother, "since when you employed a new maid ar?" (obviously referring to me)


So, what's the point of me using the sunblock with SPF130 ar???? I think you give me SPF1300 now also no use d because first time in my life, people mistaken me as an Indonesian!!! Indonesian ar!!!! OMG!!!

When I see Teng next week, confirm get teasing from her d T_T She now calls me as Siti Wong Wan Yian.

"Not bad" la the name anyway =_='''

I want to "bleach" my skin la!!! Gimme back my Snow White skin T____T or at least, make me look like a Chinese rather than Indonesian ler...

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