Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Night in Country Heights Resort

Because of the upcoming exams, I've decided to book a room in Country Heights Resort, Kajang last Tuesday just to space myself out from the city area to study ^.^

Yeng mou???

Ok fine... I think nobody in this world would believe me in the first place T_T

The fact is, I got a free room from the resort and in order not to waste it, mum, bro and I decided to stay a night there (younger bro got tuition at night). So, after checking in to the room, dad and brother went back to PJ.

First of all, I was so reluctant to stay a night there because the resort is in KAJANG!!! In my dictionary, Kajang is like some sort of a 'ulu' place with no night life and entertainment. So, the resort couldn't be of any better.

Kajang Kajang Kajang Kajang Kajang u noe...

But I went anyway and to my surprise, the place is fabulous!!! Well, that doesn't applies to the whole of Kajang area la. My meaning is just the Country Heights Resort. Upon passing the security check-point area, I just couldn't believe my eyes!

FU-YOH! There are huge bungalows everywhere!!! In fact, some can even be considered as mansion!!!!

First of all, I'll show u how my place looks like ^.^ Good or not? Got photos to see some more.

'My neighourhood'. Well, the place is very quiet and beautiful. A good place to spend your weekend with friends/family ;)

The place looked small and the entrance is quite narrow too. (Wished that we got the room upstairs instead!)

But inside is very spacious, clean and cosy!

The first room nearest to the door.

Second room, which I shared with my mum. Beside our room is the toilet and a store room.

The kitchen.

The master bedroom with an attached toilet, occupied by my brother alone! How nice~

After we had unload our stuffs, the 3 of us decided to talk a walk around the neighborhood before we took a ride around the Country Heights to 'admire' those beautiful and huge mansions O_O

I took photos of 2 bungalows over there only because I was busy looking around for young guys to tackle so that I can live there as well I believe all of you won't be interested to see the photos of bungalows instead of the real thing.

I managed to take half of the it only because my brother drove too fast =_=''' I find it very nice because u can see those 'bricks' not just at the wall outside, but the whole house as well.

The whole place gave u the feelings like you are living in overseas with different design of those bungalows. Got my favorite cottage house some more! So cute~~

Well, out of soooo many houses there, this is my personal favorite...

It is so huge until...

I got to take 2 different shots to show u how it looks like.

And you know the best of all is what or not???

I so wish that I can live there even for an hour! =(
(Did you notice the wall in the middle? There's water flowing out from there la!! So beautiful!)

Sometimes when a house is too huge, people seems to build many unnecessary things to make full use of the space like a bridge linking 1 phase of the house to the other, a gazebo for barbecue and etc.

I even saw a house with a Fairlady!! Jealous jealous jealous...

I was told that our ex-prime minister, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohd had a bungalow there! But no, I am not so lucky to bump into him. If I'm that lucky ar, I'll be living there d lor =_=''' I saw many angmohs over there. I'm not surprise that they can afford it though.

Overall, I am quite impressed and quite like the place there because I feels like I'm living in overseas and the place is really really really quiet!

My mum and myself. She wore heels! No wonder I looked so short here >.<


Jessy Ong said...

how much for the rental ?

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi Jessy! I'm sorry but I'm not sure how much the rental is as I got a free room 4 years ago. Sorry for not being helpful here :(