Monday, April 30, 2007

Leave Me Alone

I had a very interesting conversation with Eelian, YHui, Phan, Chong, Sim and Timmy in the bus; on the way back from Redang.

We were talking about our past/current relationship and gave some very good tips to the guys in winning any girl's heart. So, interested to know the winning tip?

Be caring. Then you'll win hands down.

Come on, I bet all the girls agree also right? If that guy is caring enough, he'll win our heart right? Well, at least that's what Eelian and I agreed on la XP

But at times, I wished that people that I don't like or no longer like don't care so much for me because I really might consider that person ler =( Which is bad in a way.

I don't know why 'he' was super duper caring to me lately. Because I am sick now, he make an effort to call me often to check out how I am and even wanted to buy me medicine!!!

Wah lau eh... I am so touched!!! (I'm serious!)

Sometimes life's like that isn't it? When you like that time, he doesn't care at all. When you don't like, he cares so much! What the heck??? Play me is it??????

It's like, I'm trying to get over things and move on with the new chapter of my life but then...

Sigh~ Nevermind la. Time will change everything. I'm starting to lose my cool and no longer can think rationally for these kind of things. Argh!!! I wished that he can just leave me alone so that I can move on.

Don't play me ler... ='( This is what I hate in guys.

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