Monday, April 30, 2007

Have You Seen This?

Edited: Something old but I just got it from my friend. But still, I'm amused! Gonna post it no matter what =P

A blue watermelon!!!

But the color look very nice isn't it?

Heck, like they put coloring into it only =_='''

Yer, the monitor so old fashion 1 =_='''

So, will I get stomach ache after eating it? I don't mind trying it since I like the blue color so much ^.^

Sorry for such a short entry because I don't have any photos+my sickness still hasn't recover. That's why my brain cannot function properly T_T Sometimes I wonder how did I pass through my 3 days 3 nights in Redang without taking any medication =_='''

My asthma is going to attack d T_T

I will keep updating this blog during my 3 months break. So, keep visiting =)

(Ohya, what happened to MFai and Jordan ar? Suddenly lost contact with them! MIA ka??? When you both read this, let's go out makan k?)

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