Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Oh yeah!!! Merdeka!!! XP

Akhirnya semua ujian telah pun berakhir!

Now, I can laugh and enjoy myself.
When results out only cry la... T_T

I'll be going off tomorrow night, taking a night bus to Redang and will be back by Tuesday night. So, don't miss me la ya~~ (if possible, miss me a bit la =| Don't be so bad..)

Still, I wish everyone 'yat lou shun fung' if you are going for trip(s) around Malaysia or overseas. I suddenly thought of the HK drama 'Triumph in the Skies' where the pilot says if the plane follow the wind direction (shun fung), the plane cannot take off because the plane is suppose to go against the wind direction in order to take off.

=_=''' What ever!!! If I say 'em shun fung' sounds like I'm cursing people instead. Choiii!!!

To those who will be working, work hard and learn as much as possible as it'll be a valuable experience in life. No worries, I'll still talk crap over here to keep people updated with the latest news and etc.

That if provided I got anything interesting to crap la ;p

Enjoy people and Happy Holidays!!! I'll blog about my trip once I get all the photos la k? Insya-allah if I got them early la @_@

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