Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blogging On Hold!

Yea yea...Due to my final exams is coming, I've decided NOT to blog for a moment until the end of the month BECAUSE right after my last paper, I'll be leaving to the east of Peninsula Malaysia the following day for a 3 days 3 nights trip with friends!!!

YEAHHHH.... Was SO excited just thinking about it ^.^

It's already our last semester together before each of us go into different majors. Well, most of my friends will still be staying together except for me and Lilee I guess. Then, by May, everyone will be busy working to earn money and to gain experience including myself!

So, must appreciate the time we have now and party like mad!

Today we went for lunch with Chong's gang at Limau Purut and we discussed on what to wear and what to bring or share during the trip. All of us were so excited talking about it. I wished that we could skip the exams and just go for straight for the trip instead ='(

Well, time for everyone to work, time to gain experience, time to work in new environment, time to mature and eventually, time to depart <- Oh man!

So, you will be seeing me back here by end of this month OR provided I really have something interesting that I wanted to blog about ;) If not, see ya and so long~

Good luck to everyone in your exams and don't procrastinate like me la... =_='''

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