Friday, March 23, 2007

Wah...What A Small World!!!

Whoa...What a small world!! I think I knew the person that XX mentioned in her blog =_=''' and I have been reading her blog for almost 4 months!!!

I can even guess who that person is before finish reading the whole entry.

Well she is not really ugly, but just has this really awkward demeanour. I can't stand looking at her face. She wears glasses, for god's sake! If you can't afford contact lenses, then PLEASE DONT ACT CHIO IN THE GLASSES AND ALSO MAKE UP!

God I can't stand ugly people who keep trying to take photos in odd angles to enhance their placid looks. I can't stand bad photos with blurry lighting (nice try, but can't hide your hideous face), can't stand bad photography skills or lousy cameras.... Just URGH! Webcam shots and amatuer photoshop skills to change what, hue? SPARE ME! Just don't.

....Please spare me the comparisons to these stupid new bloggers who are studying for N levels or something.

And when their blogskins are these amatuer gross-looking ones! Mine's done by a professional designer. -_- Can't be compared.

Damn obvious la who XX is referring to.

Many people had guessed the same person as well because that girl is 1 of the famous teenage blogger in Singapore too!

p/s-For your info, she's the one that created the blogskin that I'm currently using =/

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