Monday, March 19, 2007

Things From Aussie ;)

I am so happy!!!

That's why I decided to blog today -> in the middle of the night before I sleep.

Actually, I was excited because..... I RECEIVED A POSTCARD & LETTER FROM MY FRIEND!!! ALL THE WAY FROM AUSTRALIA!!! (What the heck? I received it in the evening and now only I blog to show my excitement =_=''')

It's very pretty! Thanks a lot dear ;)

Happy is because although she's soooo busy, she still remembers to send me a postcard from Australia! Was so surprised of course ^.^ Best of all is, I am the only person she sent postcard to!

Whoa~~ Seems like she sayang me very much isn't it?

Well, let talk about a bit about Australia.

My friend basically was complaining about her life in Australia *omg* She said that all she had everyday was nothing but fast food! Things were very expensive over there and the weather is very hot! So much hotter than in Malaysia!

That's why she missed Malaysia SO much esp our local food. Sigh, maybe I should courier over 20 sticks of satays for her since she sounded so pitiful T_T

Actually I think life's like that isn't it? When you are in Msia, you are dying to go overseas and once you are there, you became homesick.

I think I will miss my family and friends very much if I were to leave Malaysia 1 fine day. Definitely will miss my friends lor =)

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