Monday, March 05, 2007

Random Photos!

Here are some random photos because I'm lazy I don't have time to post so many entries on each occasion. Tai lou.. Got assignment and exams la. Have some mercy k!!!

Don't worry, this entry won't be flooded with too many photos la.

One of my aunt opened a beauty shop called JF Beauty in Sri Hartamas and we were all invited for the soft opening+my little cousin sister's birthday (25/02).

We were treated for high tea ^.^

Although the shop is small, but it's very classy and comfortable inside! Love it so much but too bad, no money to go for facial T_T

And of course, u need lion dance to "ong" the shop a bit 1 ma isn't it? That's our chinese tradition plus it's on CNY!

Angmohs came to watch the lion dance too~

This is the birthday girl


her Hello Kitty cake. (The hello Kitty looked kinda weird isn't it?)

This is my cousin's cousin (I know it sounds a little confusing)

And guess what...

his size is superb!!!!

Never make him angry, he whacks ppl damn hard lor!!! I didn't kena b4 but my little cousin sis did and she cried like mad =_='''

My all time favourite cousin sister ^.^ (she's not from Wong family though. In Wong family, I'm the eldest granddaughter =P)

Offerings for my grandpa. Many people came to pay respect to my grandpa actually, around 20 over!

1 of the crazy things I did with my friends =P Do I look like guan yin? Pls say yesssss...

We played till late at night


Happy Birthday
Hui Teng!!!

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