Thursday, March 15, 2007

Old Entry: CNY Visiting

This is a very late entry on the Chinese New Year where I went to my friend's house for visiting (23/02). Well, since I have 'fabulous' memory, I seriously can't remember what we did on that day.

Thank goodness human invented camera! ^.^

So, I'll let the photos do all the talking ;)

Guess who make that 'peace' sign?

The day started off with Jordan, Ken, YHui, MFai, Lilee and I having dim sum with Edward in Taman Megah early in the morning and the dim sum is quite expensive!

After that, our first stop was Sylvia's house in Kepong. Since it's CNY, we do what people usually do...

Which is gambling!

I seriously don't know why Ken posed like that lor...

Next, we went to Yung Hui's house and all of us gambled again (the guys gambled only. we girls did not but it's troublesome to say it again and again that we did not gamble, so I shall just use the same word for all--->gamble)

I really love her house as her house gave me tremendous luck! I won almost everyone round of the chor tai dee game!!! Was so happy that time..

(Call me Chor Tai Dee queen!!!)

Initially we asked Ken to sit beside YHui but this Jordan really em sik jou!!!

this proves that guys are vain =_='''

It was already late and we decided to give Ken's house a miss and go straight to May Yoong's house in Bangsar!

There, we continued the gambling session and Tsu Lynn came to join us too! Well, she do gamble and therefore, she joined the guys' group to play blackjack.

This photo is expected...


This is obviously not!!! Look at Ken!!! pitiful...

Well, come to think of it, atleast 3/4 of his head was being captured =P

It was then Chong smsed me to ajak me go to Sim's house for visiting. So, instead of I going alone, I might as well asked everyone to go together!!! The more the merrier isn't it?

But still, we go to Jordan's house in Cheras first.

Yes, we gambled again in his house.

This is a normal shot...

Something went wrong with MFai

Then same goes to Ken (Ken, u seriously looked damn gay in this pic wei XP)

It became the gay session in the end.

As promised, we went to Sim's house in Cheras after that. Wah...I tell u, his house is seriously damn big and nice lor!!! Superb!

Yea...everyone gambled AGAIN!!!

It looked nice and sweet when everyone was there =)

That lady in green is Sim's mama. She's very very friendly and nice~

Everyone was excited and started posing XD

Although it's getting late and we are suppose have barbecue dinner at SiuFai's house at 7pm, we still move on with our plan, which is to visit Lilee's house in Bukit Jalil.

This time, everyone was tired. We just down to chat and watched tv instead. I forgot whether the guys got gamble or not. If my memory serves me right, I think they didn't...

Pity MFai gotto stand right behind (and not beside Lilee) because her parent and her bro were at home! Sad case ya Mfai?

At the end of the day, all of us were so exhausted! We were even too tired to talk. But still, we head back to PJ to attend Siu Fai's barbecue party ;)

His house seriously looked damn new and nice.

He invited quite many people, but mostly his church friends.

Like I've said earlier, we were too tired to talk and mingle with the rest of his friends. Ohya, Edward just came to join us for dim sum in the morning and barbecue dinner at night. He didn't join us for visiting. (that's why he was the most energetic person of the night!)

Did u notice that Ken was holding a red packet in every photo?

Did u notice that Ainul gave the same face expression in every photo taken in Sim's house?

Overall, the whole visiting thingy was fun fun fun!!! It's really nice to meet up with everyone during the holidays and do stuffs that we all like to do and enjoy doing it.

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